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Jay Z speaks about Oprah and Russell Simmons!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 20th, 2007

Jay Z

Jay spoke with XXL on several issues including the Queen of daytime talk and self-professed disliker of Hip-Hop herself Oprah Winfrey. Jay also delves into the topic of hip-hop being the blame for everything that’s wrong with our society.  Because if you ask certain scholars and Fox news analyst, a man with a boom box and a big dookie gold chain probably was the first person to spread the AIDS virus, somebody from the hip-hop generation was schooling Bin-Laden, Saddam, and every other viscous dictator on this planet. Somebody from hip-hop created Anthrax. Yep and these school shootings are all due to hip-hop! Oh yea I forgot that hip-hop is the reason our Ozone atmosphere is depleting at a rapid speed…woooo I’m slipping….

It’s interesting that, in a year where we had the Imus scandal and all these attacks on hip-hop, you would make a record like this, at this level in your career. Do you worry about being misunderstood?
I don’t really care about that, ’cause it’s true emotions. You can’t just fix a curse and fix a neighborhood. If you told me tomorrow that if I stop saying “nigga,” that the neighborhood would be fixed, I’ll never say “nigga” again. I’ll never say shit again. I deal with that on this album, with the “Ignorant Shit.” Scarface the movie did more than Scarface the rapper, to me, but still that ain’t the blame for everything that has happened to me. If you’re going to attack a section of entertainment, you have to attack it all. You can’t just attack music. You have to attack films and video games—they killed more people in the opening of Grand Theft Auto than 50 Cent killed on any one of his albums. All his albums put together.

How did you feel when all that went down? Did you think it was just something that was going to blow over?
Yeah. I didn’t even think it was worth my attention. Because I was really upset that—like, how did we get there? We just took the argument and moved it. Imus is a racist. Hip-hop are entertainers. They’re entertainers. That’s two different issues. Imus is not a fan of hip-hop. He couldn’t name three songs off of any rapper’s album. He’s not a fan of hip-hop. He’s not listening to hip-hop. So he’s not influenced by hip-hop. That’s his choice and his feelings. Or even his playing and going way too far. Which is cool. If he stood behind that, like: “I’m just entertaining. I’m acting a fool.” That’s cool. That’s not what he said.

The hip-hop community was mad ’cause Russell said we should clean it up and—
I had a conversation with Russell, to be perfectly frank. I’m like: “Russell, man, you gotta be careful in how you go about doing that. You represent us. You can’t do that. At least have a conversation with everybody about it. You just can’t speak out like that.” And I don’t agree. You know, I ain’t agree with everybody going on Oprah. I thought it was really a bad move for us, because there’s no way to win. That show, it’s not edited by us. You can’t win. It’s not an equal forum. I don’t think that was the right forum for that type of conversation. If you have the conversation, really have the conversation. Have a conversation. Don’t talk at me.

Very well said Jigga.

For rest of the interview….

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