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Kanye leads with 8 grammy nominations

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007


Kanye received a leading 8 grammy nominations today. His “Graduation” has been nominated for album of the year.


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Creflo Dollar defies Senator

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007

Creflo Dollar

The Rev. Creflo Dollar of College Park’s World Changers Church International refused to cooperate in a U.S. senator’s probe into televangelists’ finances and uses of tax-exempt status.

Dollar’s attorney sent Grassley a letter telling him to get a subpoena or to refer his request for a review to the Internal Revenue Service.

The letter expresses concerns about giving documents to the government, explaining such action could trample on the constitutional rights of people to practice religious beliefs without government interference.

The letter says the six ministries targeted preach the “…’Prosperity Gospel,’ a deeply held religious belief that God’s devout followers and earthly leaders will prosper and be successful in all they do, including in financial matters, as the outward expression of his favor.”

It went on to say, “… we believe that the religious doctrine and practices of a church should not be held out for the world to evaluate as a result of responding to Congressional inquiries.”

Grassley said he is not interested in doctrine. He wants to make sure media ministries are not abusing their tax-exempt status.

He is the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee and has probed other nonprofit organizations, uncovering fraud and waste.

He believes he has a right to review records because when non-profits get tax breaks, the general public has to pick up the financial slack.

“I have an obligation to protect the integrity of U.S. tax laws,” Grassley said in a written statement. “If tax-exempt organizations, including media-based ministries, thumb their noses at the laws governing their preferential tax treatment, the American public, their contributors and the Internal Revenue Service have a right to know. Considering tax-exempt media-based ministries today are a billion-dollar industry with minimal transparency, it would be irresponsible not to examine this tax-exempt part of our economy.”

Joyce Meyer took an opposite stance from Dollar. She turned over records Tuesday.

In a written statement, Meyer said the ministry embraces “… this latest opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to transparency with our supporters and our dedication to the continual improvement of our own systems of accountability.”


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Oprah/Obama rally moved to football stadium to accomodate thousands

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007

Oprah and Obama

The power that is Oprah…in Sunday’s upcoming democratic rally for Presidential hopeful Barack Obama in which Oprah Winfrey will appear with him in South Carolina, the demand is increasing by the minute as tens of thousands have rallied to get tickets, that they had to switch the venue from the Colonial Center to an 80,250 seat football stadium. Yep she is the bizomb! Can you imagine if she had a music career? She’d be equal with Michael Jackson back in the thriller days…(you know grown men at the concert screaming his name before they faint)

From the campaign..
Sustained and overwhelming demand prompts move to larger venue

COLUMBIA, SC – Due to sustained and overwhelming demand, the Obama for America campaign today announced a new location for Sunday’s rally with Sen. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and special guest Oprah Winfrey: Williams-Brice Stadium at the University of South Carolina. The original site selected, the Colonial Center, does not have the capacity to accommodate the tens of thousands of South Carolinians who signed up to attend the event on the first few days seats became available, and the location is being changed to accommodate all who wish to attend.

The event is free and open to the public, and tickets are no longer necessary for admittance, but people are encouraged to RSVP online at


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Cassidy talks sensible…no wreckless

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007


Cassidy spoke with Smooth Magazine…

What was tougher for you, the accident or the legal problems?
They were both life-threatening situations. I was about to get the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole, so my life as I knew it would have been gone. So I don’t put one over the next one. But everything happens for a reason, and I went through both of those situations to learn that I’d been blessed with a lifestyle that people dream of, and I was just taking it for granted.

Lyrically, who do you think is on your level right now?
Nobody. I’ve been through too much and have too much to say. Even if someone is as truthful as me-and it’s hard to find someone who’s going to keep it as real as me-then their life story ain’t going to be the same as mine. And it’s hard to find somebody with my flow, my look, and my voice. But you’re supposed to feel that way about yourself. If everybody feels that way about themselves, then the game will get a lot better.

We here at MediaOutrage like Cass the dude is definitely nice with his lyrics but he’s also obviously on some real strong ish too, (yo you just can’t inhale that sh*t you gotta blow that sh*t out dog) if he thinks there is nobody in the game on his level lyrically…Jay Z? Kanye? Lil Wayne? We’ll just stop there. But keep doing your thing Cass and we hope you sell more than Tony Yayo’s album did. To get a glance at why he is so cocky click here.

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XM Radio's "RAW" XM 66 pays tribute to Pimp C

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007

Pimp C

XM Remembers Pimp C

XM’s uncut hip hop channel, “RAW” (XM 66), will remember the life and legacy of Chad “Pimp C” Butler with a special broadcast on Friday, December 7. XM RAW’s tribute to Pimp C will feature music from his influential hip hop group UGK, as well remembrances from Three 6 Mafia, Scarface, Rick Ross, DJ Drama, David Banner, and many others.

XM’s Pimp C tribute special will air on RAW this Friday, Decemeber 7 at 9 am ET, with encore broadcasts on Saturday, December 8, at 2 pm ET, and Sunday, December 9, at 4 pm ET

This information was made available to us by Tessa Kelley.

Thanks Tessa! 

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Chris Brown gets cast in another movie

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007

Chris Brown

Via Eurweb:

Chris Brown has been cast as a basketball superstar in the upcoming Screen Gems film “Phenom.”

The teen heart throb will play a high school hoops legend who goes pro after the media discovers he’s the illegitimate son of the NBA’s best player, reports Variety. The boy and his dad are on a collision course as their teams eventually face each other on the road to the playoffs.

The movie will also feature “Ugly Betty” actress Vanessa Williams and Henry Simmons of the CBS drama “Shark.” Shooting is scheduled to begin early next year. ”

So this is 2 movies for Brown. It’s good when artist realize that its best to diversify.


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Jay Z might be close to leaving Def Jam to form label with girlfriend

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007

Jay Z

Rumors are swirling that Jay Z is very close to leaving Def Jam because contract negotiations have broken down between the rapper/CEO with him and Universal Music which is Def Jam’s parent company. Jay’s contract as president of Def Jam is reportedly up at the end of this month.

He wanted big, big money that was way out of sync with the realities of today’s record business,” a source says.

Island/Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid and his boss, Doug Morris, are said to have found Jay’s demands “excessive” in light of the time he’s been spending on tour.

“People have lost count of how many times he’s come out of retirement,” the source says. “Everybody knows he’s not around the office much. Everybody at Universal loves him, but they can’t justify paying him the money he wants when so many people have been laid off.

One of Jay Z’s friends says “They are still actively negotiating.”

According to another: “The talks will continue when he returns to New York. They still have a ways to go before a decision.”

That is when he comes off of his little romantic birthday celebration with girlfriend Beyonce.

Rumors are still flying that Jay and Beyonce plan to start a super label together under Columbia which is parented by Sony. So we shall see how this situation plays out.


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Tyler Perry solves his dilemma

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007

Tyler Perry

This is what Tyler Perry decided to do in regards to the close friend that owes him a lot of money but has been avoiding him for over a year now. By the way she is married and never told her husband that she borrowed the money in the first place because she put them in debt and didn’t want him to know.

Tyler’s words…

You want to hear something funny?

You don’t know how many phone calls I got from friends of mine asking did their wife borrow money from me, LOL. I read your e-mails and I got all kinds of advice from tell the husband; to don’t tell him; to call her; to have Madea beat her down.  LOL

Anyway, I have decided to just let it go.

I just thought that she would have had more respect for me than to just ignore me and not at least give me an explanation as to why she hasn’t attempted to pay me a dime. If she had said, “I need this money and I don’t know when or if I’ll be able to pay you back,” then we wouldn’t be in this situation. I’m more than sure that I still would have given it to her. Anyway, lesson learned. I’ve packed it away and I’m moving on. That is now between the husband and wife.  Maybe one day she’ll tell him and they’ll figure it out. God bless ‘em.


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Pimp C's mother speaks about her son's sudden death

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007

Pimp C’s Mom

Pimp C’s mother spoke to a local news station about the death of her son Chad Butler.

Via TMZ:

“Actually, we have very little idea of what happened, “C’s business manager found his body in his hotel room in Los Angeles and we know he died in his sleep. Past that, we don’t know anything.”

“This is a terrible shock,” added Monroe, “Mama is just a little tougher than most, but I break too.” Pimp’s mom said she has received tremendous support from family, friends, artists and other entertainers. “The phone won’t stop ringing. It feels good, if anything can feel good now,” she explained, remembering how much Pimp C loved the Port Arthur, Tex. community: “He loved PA … Even when he came home he chose to live here. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure of it. But he was, this was his choice.”

The 33-year-old rapper, real name Chad Butler, died yesterday at Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel. He is survived by his wife and three children. He, along with Bun B, made up the Houston rap duo UGK. Funeral plans are pending.

To see video of Pimp C’s mom speaking click here

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Brad Pitt says he might be done with acting and is going to help rebuild New Orleans

Posted by Media Outrage on 6th December 2007

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt says that acting is becoming less and less attractive to him as he ages. He says that it’s really for the younger generation.

“It’s become less and less a focus as I get older,” he said in the interview, scheduled to air Wednesday night on “Larry King Live.” “I think it’s really more of a younger man, younger woman’s game.”

He hasn’t ruled it out completely — “I’d like to drop in if I’m still invited every few years or so,” he told King — but he said he wants to pursue some other interests as well.

“At this point, I’d rather — it takes so much time, [and] there’s just other things I’d rather be doing,” said Pitt, who soon turns 44. Read the rest of this entry »

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