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Remy ma says fat joe stopping her from going to g-unit and she gets at kim

Posted by Media Outrage on December 7th, 2007

Remy Ma

Remy Ma spoke about Fat Joe in her interview with XXL Magazine.

With all the talk about you, it was surprising that your solo album didn’t sell well. Is that why you wanted out of your deal?
If you feel I’m not making you any money, and I feel you’re not making me any money, let’s part ways. I’m not blaming Joe for my album sales, I’m just over and done with it. I wasn’t happy with the way things were being marketed and promoted… And it wasn’t no big deal. Universal signed the papers. Steve Rifkind signed the papers. But for 11 months I was going through paperwork with Joe. He put a “no G-Unit” clause in the papers. How are you involving my career in your personal grudges? If I’m not with you, why can’t I do what I want?

So to get out of the contract, you had to sign that you wouldn’t work with anyone from G-Unit?
Everybody’s like, “Are you serious?!” And then everyone laughs. I’m telling you, their government names [are all in the paperwork], like even Prodigy, Havoc, Whoo Kid, Olivia, Hot Rod! I don’t even know this guy Hot Rod! Young Buck, Yayo. It’s like, “Calm down, are you that pressed?” It’s so petty… Am I saying to him, “You can’t do any songs with Lil’ Kim or Foxy Brown”?

You can’t collaborate with anyone from that crew forever?
For three years. So Joe’s checking their charts, calculating, like, hopefully in three years G-Unit fell off.

Dag Joe sounds like you have some insecurity issues. You know if she rolled to G-Unit that she might go platinum and you can’t have that. And the other day Remy had some strong words for Lil’ Kim in light of Kim’s diss song towards her on the 50 Cent ‘I get money’ beat.

Remy Ma’s words….

“That little boy better live me alone.”

Like, how could you be conceited, you don’t even like your own face.

You don’t like your nose, you don’t like your cheek , you don’t like your chin, you don’t like your skin color, you don’t like your tits , you don’t like your stomach, you don’t like your teeth.

When I feel like someone’s getting at me, then I’ll drag them all over the first spot that I see them…like this chic has more ghostwriters than Foxy. I just feel like right now she’s reaching.”

Who do you think would win in a fist fight? Lets take it to a whole different level.”


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    Remy ma says fat joe stopping her from going to g-unit and she gets at kim « Media Outrage

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