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Egypt the sexiest radio personality in the game

Posted by Media Outrage on February 22nd, 2008


Egypt who is definitely one of the sexiest radio personalities in the game hit the red carpet last night in NY for BET’s rip the runway. Egypt does her thing on New York’s Power 105.1 FM and has done some modeling and we hear that she has a TV show in the works. Get that money.

EgyptLauren London and Egypt

  • The E-Biz

    Umm, no boo-boo! Come on over to Chi-town cause we have much sexier radio personalities than Egypt. You sleeping on Chicago…….

  • DaTruth

    You are trippin! There is not one radio personality that can touch Egypt! Especially in Chicago!

  • e money

    Has anyone ever heard of Shemara from philly???? She is way hotter than Egypt. Egypt is hot though she is sexy as hell but shemara is fine yall. Im biased cause im from philly lol.

  • Lance

    Hahaha! dog you took the words right out of my mouth.They never seen shamara obviously.she’s young fly and got a bangin personality not to mention i know her personally and she is the total package.

  • Latrice

    I have met Egypt in person and I have met Shamara in person.They are both pretty.Shamara would appeal more to younger men and Egypt would appeal more to older men.I think men like Egypt’s full bosom.

  • Derrick

    Egypt is sexy, so is Kim Kane, also at the same station in NY Power 105.1. She is from Alaska, saw her on myspace.

  • DaTruth

    Someone inform me! I have not heard anything negative about Egypt! Let me know if she is out there bogus like Roxy and so many others! I hear she has a lot of things coming up like her tv show and movies. I am not from New York! Let a brotha know what is going on with her!

  • Michael

    Yup, Egypt is fine as hell and ENGAGED! Kim Kane is MARRIED! Roxy is SPOKEN FOR! Let’s talk about the single ones! I would say Miss Jones, but that was before I saw a recent photo. It looks like she gave up. And back in Philly, no less?!?

  • Raheem V

    Yo isn’t Rocsi dating the cat from Turks and Caicos? She was throwing parties at his house last week…

  • Adrianne

    Are you talking about SHAMARA from POWER 99 in Philly? Because shee straight up looks like someone scratched her face up.
    1 FLAG!!!
    It takes more than a weave to make you attractive…

  • lederrick coleman


  • lederrick coleman


  • Haha19

    Idk what u ADRIANNE are talking about, shamara, is the most beautiful woman in radio. Egypt is really pretty too, but nthg on her. And Shamara does have a wonderful personality. She can make u have a great day after a terrible week. She talks to her listeners as if they are actually there with her, and not like an audience. She’s just great.

  • submit12

    Listen babycakes….I am a woman so you know how sistahs can be to other women. I will tell you that I had seen Egypt on Tv a few times and I thought she was cute but thats it. I also assumed she would have a stank attitude. Then I met her at an event my job sponsored for troubled teens. To my surprise she was stunningly beautiful in person with no make up. Not only that, I watched her take pictures and talk with each and every teenager in the place and she had a smile the whole time. I asked Rocsi to take a picture with my daughter when I saw her on 6th avenue and she tried to act like she couldnt hear me. I love Egypt now. I looked up the chick Shammara and she is pretty too. But how does she look without the weave and makeup??

  • shana

    Whats Shamara’s myspace?? I found Roxy and I found Egypt. Egyptonair is her myspace name. Look at her modeling pictures. I am sorry but I haven’t seen anyone on radio or tv that can top her. I am not gay but damnnnn.

  • Philly_Girl

    Sorry have met Shamara a few times and not only is she real pretty in person without make-up but she is actually genuine and not fake. Okay Yes I am from philly but am not being biased. Egypt is very pretty also but haven’t had the opportunity to meet her.

  • Hovy’s Home

    Egypt is cool as hell. Ive met her a few times and she’s cute. Never heard of Shamara but then again I live in Brooklyn so wouldn’t know what Philly is doing. I’m gonna google her. Shamara is how you spell her name?

  • Philly_Girl

    Shamara. Just go on and look under the radio personalities and her bio and picture should come up.

  • Marathon_Man

    Put it like this Never met Egypt nor have i met Shamara but since I live in Jersey I catch Shamara everynow and then. her personality is very outgoing but f_ck the arguing both of these ladies could get the long stroke lol. Both have knockers and pretty faces.

  • Lai’Lani

    Lol @ MM you are just off the chain 24/7.

  • Hovy’s Home

    thanks philly girl i seen her pics on Yea she’s str8t. I second what MM said they both could get it lol.

  • Reader

    I met Shamara at an event years ago and baby girl is pretty and her body is just like I like it. THere’s a lot of pretty radio on air personalities. Never met Egypt but since I’m from Philly Shamara is one of the realest in the game and she could get dinner and a movie out of me.

  • Positive Thought

    I live in Philly and have seen Shamara in person folks and her personality matches her looks BEAUTIFUL. Not saying that because I’m from philly. Oh by the way GO EAGLES! But the face and figure are both attractive. Not one to say stuff like this but today I have to………


  • Big Ron

    wow I just realized y’all was talking about my gurl Shamara. Have met her a few times and she’s so down to earth till it’s ridiculous. A pretty face and radiant personality. Of course I’m repping philly. West Philly to be exact.

  • Trakz212

    I met Egypt in 07 when she hosted a party for the girls during pride week in NYC. B4 anybody gets started, absolutely ZERO came up on the gaydar. She was so beautiful, outgoing and completely comfortable in her own skin. She was there with her man and Pr person and despite their objections, really personable. (even though she wouldnt take pictures). She partied with us till 4am and then did her show at 5am.

  • Dianne

    Shamara from Philly; nice, yes. Fly, no. That’s why she’s in Philly, and not New York. With COLBY COLB’S WACK ASS!!! Hahahhahahahaha booooo Philly!

  • Simple

    Are ya’ll serious??? Get a freaking life. Why are you putting all of these beautiful ladies against each other. Each of them are beautiful and talented in their own right. One doesn’t have to be ugly in order to make the other one beautiful. This is just pitiful.
    I see Rocsi everyday on 106 and Park and she is utterly gorgeous. Shamara I don’t know, but I looked at her profile on power 99 and she is very attractive as well. Egypt I have listened to for years and have seen in person and there are no words for her beauty. But do we really need to compare them?? Why don’t we just appreciate and support them??

    Rocsi works with various charitable organizations and she should be uplifted for that. When’s the last time any of you have done something selfless. Egypt owns like 3 car washes, volunteers for boarder baby and started an entertainment site She is all around dope. I know because I subscribe to her newsletter. Shamara from what I can tell is beloved as well. Just stop the hate already!! Stop it.

  • dwill

    I am an old head so my comment is wasnt Egypt a radio personality in philly on power 99. Fm and they trade radio personalities back and with their sister station in NYC. like Monie Love who also has been on both stations. Im from Philly but travel to NYC.

  • Shanice Dalee

    I feel I just happen to be told about this issue at job A couple of days ago with a friend, but at that time this didn’t caugh my attention.

  • Quiana Graybill

    Anything that Arne Duncan is doing falls under the header of “Kabuki Show.”

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