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Don & Bridgette Cheadle

Posted by Media Outrage on October 22nd, 2008

Don Cheadle and wife Bridgette, attended The Dream Believe Achieve Inspiration Gala, held at the Ahmanson Ballroom in LA last night. Don was all smiles and had to feel pretty good about that role he snatched from Terrence Howard. Actress Alfre Woodard and husband Roderick Spencer also attended the event. Where do you rank Don Cheadle’s acting skills?

  • Yea I Said It

    I love his ability to change faces depending on the role. I give him a 10 with 10 being above the rest, however I am not happy about my toliet fitish baby, Terrence not gettin that role, so I am take all points back….

  • Random

    Eww what the hell is that on her lip? (The chic in the 2 sizes too small dress).

  • missdcakamse

    Don’s acting skills are great..he needs an academy award ASAP!!

    @ random – looks like she bit her lip to me or she popped a pimple that was clost to her mouth and forgot to wipe the blood up, or she forgot to finish mixing her red lipgloss with the rest of the colors

  • missdcakamse

    Correction: a pimple that was close

  • http://h ucanb2

    Don Cheadle is an excellent actor, I just hate sequels that change the main character in the next film!

  • missdcakamse

    I agree..but there is something going on behind the scenes why did they replace Terrence with Don ?! Seriously, I went to sleep on Iron Man I found the child movie, Chronicles of Narnia Pt II had more action in it!!

  • CaramelKiss

    I think he is the most slept on actor in Hollywood. He’s done some amazing work and always chooses compelling roles. Hands down he’s in my top 3 of favorite actors. Keep doin’ what u do Mr. Cheadle. :-). (**Yes, I’m assuming he reads MO, lol)

  • Smurfette

    Love Don! His acting is great! But me and Terrance still gone ride on that ass bout this Iron man shit!!!! Lol

    Is it me or is Alfre Woodard hubby packin? Lmao!! Im so nasty

  • joneblaze

    Always had a crush on Don’s wife Bridgette

  • Yea I Said It

    LOL @ Smurf,here I though I was nasty

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