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Glamour Magazine Honors Women

Posted by Media Outrage on November 11th, 2008


Tyra Banks was front and center at Carnegie Hall in NYC, as Glamour Magazine honored the 2008 Women of the Year. Tyra was presented an award by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Selita Ebanks looked stunning. Little Oprah is really trying to make her mark.


  • ucanb2

    Ms Tyra is attempting to be Lil Oprah!!! Selita looks nice, her makeup is a little washed out though.

  • cupcakestl

    Selita looks good but what the hell have she done to get and award, or did she.

    Tyra is to fake to Oprah so she can stop that now.

  • Cyndy

    Glad Tyra is doing her thing but don’t care for her show. She’ll never be Oprah because Oprah’s genuine and puts it all on the line for her viewers and that’s why they connect to her. Nope sorry will never be Oprah.

  • Rocksee

    Selita looks like a baby doe…love the short hair!!

  • Cut Up

    Tyra is on the grind real hard. What a way to make moves after modeling. I can’t watch her show out here, but if I could then I probably would.

    Plus, I will…..of course. “Cut her ass Up real decent like”

    (she too jipper, I need to put some gangsta in her ass) Luv u Tyra.

  • Lisa

    I have never heard Tyra compare herself to Oprah. If anything she has been very deferential, acknowledging Oprah as the “godmama”, saying things like, “I bow down to her”. It’s everyone else making the comparisons.

    I think people are so used to seeing Oprah as she is now, not as she was in the beginning…20, plus, years ago…plus, people forget that Oprah comes from a journalism background so she should be better at interviewing and such. I have loved Oprah since I was 14, she is o-mazing! Still, I don’t watch as often as I used to because there are only so many shows I want to watch about peri-menopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women. I just think it’s unfair to compare the two for many reasons, particularly since Oprah has been doing her show since 1986 and Tyra’s been at it since 2005. Just saying…

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