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Absolutely Bangin'

Posted by Media Outrage on November 17th, 2008


Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan were really making it rain during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After party at Foutainebleau in Miami Beach. Both actresses are at the top of their games when it comes to gracing the big screen. It’s really difficult to discern who’s more beautiful between these two gorgeous ladies. But since we’re on the topic, who’s more beautiful?? Wouldn’t you like to see these two talented actresses in a movie together?


  • Hovy’s home

    Damn MO don’t make me do it, don’t make me choose between these two dimes. I have to go with Gabrielle. Love that girl but love Sanaa too. They both fine as hell.

  • Udamnright

    Sanaa. Gabby is beautiful but Sanaa gets my vote. Yea seeing them in a flick together would be real nice. I still think Sanaa’s the better actress though.

  • Random

    Sophia Vergara looks Amazing!

  • Miss E

    They all look beautiful!

  • Rocksee

    Check out Miss Selita!!

    This is why it pays to stay thin in Hollywood!!!!

    Everyone is FABULOUS!!!

    @ M&U — Does this meet your final approval miss thang?

  • Jules


    Gabby is so pretty.

  • Lisa

    I think Gabrielle’s dimples make her prettier, but the are both beautiful women.

  • M&U

    Both women are spectacular

  • JJ Evans

    Love them both!

    It would be krazy to see them in a flick together. Tyler Perry please write that film ASAP!

  • marathon_man

    They’re equally beautiful. CLassy ladies.

    Sanaa has Gabrielle beat in the acting department.

  • ucanb2

    I agree Marathon_Man, they are both beautiful but Sanaa is the better actress.

  • ExecutiveMuscle

    I refuse to choose! These 2 diamonds are exquisite. However, if you had thrown my lady Nia Long in the mix, the choice would have been simple :-)

  • Dickwell Thrust

    Man who cares, its like comparing a benz to a lexus…you’d drive them both

  • Cut Up

    Well, I prefer a BMW and bothe of them can “Be My Women”(BMW)

    The will equally get “Cut Up” real motion picture like.

    And on the Weekend I will leave a lil time aside for that sassy ass Sopia chick too. She got jalapenos in her drawers lol.

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