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Jennifer Aniston Not Pleased

Posted by Media Outrage on December 4th, 2008


Jennifer Aniston was far from pleased with the way Vogue printed some of her unflattering comments about Angelina Jolie, the woman who f*cked the hell out of her man and then stole him and married him.

Via OMG:

Jennifer Aniston says she wasn’t thrilled to see her quotes about Angelina Joliebeing “uncool” on Vogue‘s December cover.

“I was just surprised that Vogue would go so tabloid,” she tells the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, adding that the quotes were taken out of context. “I was bummed. But you almost expect it. Big deal. Done. Next.”
(A day after the Vogue story hit the Internet, however, Aniston told Oprah Winfrey, “I answered as honestly as I could,” when asked about her remarks.)

Mediaoutrage- Now if Jennifer asked to vent off the record then yea that’s dirty, but if she was in the interview spewing off then that’s another thing. All she had to do was ask that those statements not be included in the interview. But who knows.

  • Atlanta

    Yeap MO. She should have asked if those comments were gonna be printed? She was probably poppin’ off at the mouth and now she feels stupid.

  • Miss E

    I don’t know what her problem is…okay it’s obvious she is upset with Brad for dumping her when they were married! But come on that was like 3 years ago when Mr. and Mrs. Smith came out..get over it Jennifer! She needs to move on…Brad is sexy as hell and all but it’s over!

    So, when they asked her about Angelina and Brad she should of just said “No comment” to the reporter.

  • noneofyabizness

    lol you know what Miss E, my ex boyfriend broke up with me 4 yrs ago and left me feeling pretty stupid and all my girls told me to get over him and it was hard as hell lol. now jennifer lived this publicly infront of millions and they were married and this trick just stole what was hers in front of the world.

  • 1coolazzchic

    i was always told dont tell no one shit that u didnt want repeated….she has been in this industry how long? she should know better than that. yeah it may be hard to get over all that but she been sluttin it up since then. so…..she should be over all that. after 3 years?? she might need to “talk to somebody”.

  • cutiewitbooty

    yep a shrink. jennifer just go suck some more dick and you’ll be alight honey.

  • lio

    Aniston learned a hard lesson..don’t marry a man that looks better than you….Time to move on, this is 2006 news ..Jesus

  • Smurfette

    I can’t believe she still addressing questions about that slut and her ex. My husband and I broke up about 4 yrs ago and when ppl say how do u feel cuz he wit someone new? I say, I don’t know how to feel, I don’t think about it cuz I don’t see him no more. As a matter of fact, if YOU see his azz tell him I said, what’s up! Lol I mean Jennifer needs to get over this and count her blessings! What if she had 3 kids by Brad and was married to him for 20 yrs, and THEN found out he was fuckin nasty ass angelina HO-lie! How hurt would she have been if she had wasted her whole life wit this man! Some ppl can’t even see when God is blessin them!

  • Miss E

    Smurfette – You are telling the truth!

  • Sweet

    Jenn is an awesome actress and seems to be a very sweet and trusting person whereas the wicked husband stealing witch Jolie appears to be a total nasty girl not sweet and not trusting… They are total opposites. Could be Brad got tired of nice girl and wanted NASTY girl instead but for what ever his reason he broke the heart of his wife and life partner… and chose to leave and be with nasty girl. Jenn deserves to be happy with whoever she can be, how ever she can be and yes it will take time to get over losing the person you think you will spend the rest of your life with. If the press would leave her, Brad and Angies lives out of the press it will happen sooner……… She will get over this in her time… God be with her and bless her.

  • Random

    I feel for her..I mean, I’ve never been in this situation but I can imagine how difficult it must’ve been for’s bad enough your husband cheats on you…then ends up leaving you for the chic..but to constantly have the media pretty much throwing that in your face 24/7..All you saw on the tabloids was “Brangelina” this and that..and how ‘happy’ they seemed..Of course that killed her inside..She’s only human afterall..For her to say it was ‘uncool’ is really no big deal..and I don’t see why the magazine would put so much emphasis on that…just trying to start new ‘drama’ for entertainment purposes..typical media nonsense..

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