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My crib's about to belong to someone else

Posted by Media Outrage on December 8th, 2008


As we’ve said before, the economy is damaging everybody. One of Fantasia’s cribs in Charlotte NC is in foreclosure and about to be ganked if she doesn’t come up with some loot. Now would be the time to go on a little mini tour and get them stacks up. To peep the crib that’s about to be someone else’s crib click here. Somewhere Dame Dash is thinking “don’t worry about it girl, join the club they bout to take all my sh*t too.”

  • claudette4heisman

    Dang, Dro ain’t helpin her out? Wait is he broke too? Either way that’s what she gets for giving it all up to stay a hoodrat…

  • Miss E

    She only put out two albums and she did a movie…yeah she needs to take some lessons from Jigga and Bey! Start up a clothing line or something!

  • http://h ucanb2

    By any means necessary, she is way too talented!! What in the hell is she thinking, she didn’t half show-up when she was in the Color Purple. Girl get it together don’t become another “has been” for no good reason.. SMDH

  • Cyndy

    lol @ the title. well at least she has another house.

  • Atlanta

    @ Claudette…her and Dro been broke up…that nigga running round the A with one of them flava of love hoes. I kinda feel sorry for anyone who is in foreclosure. Loosing your house is bad yall. When you have a foreclosure it stays on your credit for 10 to 15 years. She just needs to stay within her means.

  • Dickwell Thrust

    Fantasia voice is wonderful but her material is booty!!! She wont be around long enough to be a has been and thats sad because she has talent.

  • Yea I Said It

    Why buy two houses in the same area? If the second home is not far from the one being foreclosed on why buy it? And who wants to spend hard earned money on houses when it could be used for so much more in investments? I don’t feel sorry for her, I would think coming from poor beginnings she would spend her money wisely.

  • Lacy

    “Dang, Dro ain’t helpin her out? Wait is he broke too? Either way that’s what she gets for giving it all up to stay a hoodrat” LMAO

  • Lacy

    Why would you even date a guy name “DRO” ? That’s a bad luck variable…
    @Yea I Said It Says:
    I agrees it called “BALLIN”””

  • 2020VIZN

    @ Lacy: Why would you even date a guy name “DRO” ? Hell, she a rat, she made a song for all tha baby mammas, She had a blond mohawk, her first baby daddy used to beat her like a dick in jail and she made a song for all tha baby mammas. Hell, Dro upgraded her ass.

  • Lai’Lani

    lol @ 2020

  • Smurfette

    Lmao@ 2020!!!!!

  • cupcakestl

    Sad and nothing new or surprising when you from the hood and get money you need to take a

    investment class. Now she needs to wrap them big ass lips around a mic and sang

  • Marathon_Man

    lol @ cupcakestl. but Fanti forget the mic you sing in cause i got a “dark” ass mic for you to scream into

  • Cut Up

    You can come live with me babygirl.

  • Lio

    Why the fuck she has two big ass cribs..dumb ass

  • Lacy

    Damn this b*** is beyond ugly .. Short hair and strapless tops don’t mix …Somebody get this get a T-shirt quick

  • Lacy

    I meant get this girl a t-shirt to cover her whole top area …

  • beach chick

    What a shame? What is she doing? Why is she not working? She has so much talent and it would be a waste. She could learn alot from Bey, WORK WORK WORK, never get comfortable! She should be touring, making another album, doing something!

  • CrystalShine

    Hey Fantasia come closer 2 tha light, this where u need 2 b if u don’t want ur name to fade out. What up wit these american idol people, come out wit an album, and then don’t do anything else. Jennifer H. step her game tha right way, she got her foot in tha door, and moved up 2 acting. Take note Fantasia

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