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Paula Patton Shows You Her Panties

Posted by Media Outrage on May 17th, 2009

Paula Patton l14smile

Paula Patton is over in France for the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival and showed the Paparazzi a little more than they bargained for.  We’re sure they were all smiles and snapping like 68 shots a second after getting a glimpse of Paula’s panties.  Peep the money shot when you


Paula Patton p

  • MissTX85

    Oh they know they wrong for that!

  • Smurfette


  • Random

    You’re a married woman..close your Legs!!

  • maliamalia loves MO!!!

    perverts lol!!!!

  • MoneAlicia

    At least she had em on. I could think of a ton of celebs who woulda shown us all of their goodies w/ a shot like that!

  • Cut Up

    MoneAlicia, that was exactly what I was going to say. I see Robin Thicke’s boo has some class.

    The Paps just mastered the timing on that shot so well that is nothing for them to get it now.

  • beach chick

    I can believe that was really an accident! She is too classy for that to be on purpose!

  • Ms. E

    Paps ain’t got nothing else better to do!!

  • Marathon_Man

    That top pic just screams “marathon please come hit me off with the human teeth-whitener.”

  • Atlanta

    I feel that same way MoneAlicia. At least she had them on.

  • ucanb2

    Cameras are everywhere, be careful of you 8X10 glossy shot! (Basic Instinct)

  • GAY

    She’s wearing panties. I’m happy.

  • teeth whitener review

    Just one question though. Have you made writing your blog as your career or do you do this within your extra time? Merely wondering..

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