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Trina Does Bleu

Posted by Media Outrage on May 24th, 2009

Trina b

Trina graces the latest issue of Bleu Magazine.  How’s Trina-Treen looking to you?  She also responded to rumors of a romantic affair with Kobe Bryant.  Click Here to see what she had to say about the matter…..  Peep the rest of the spread when you

Trina b1Trina b2Trina b3

  • MissTX85

    Hate the hair. The black dress is nice. Hate that last pic too.

  • Atlanta

    Yeah I saw these pics a couple of days ago. Trina looks great. I like her. I always have.

  • beach chick

    She is not photogenic….pics are horrible!

  • Yeah I Said it

    Is that a new nose? I like the dress and her hair, just not the nose.

  • justsayin

    she looks good(for once) at least she looks a bit pretty.

  • ucanb2

    I don’t like hair nor lipstick in these pics!

  • MoneAlicia

    No bueno!!!

    She always tries to follow trends which is why she always looks crazy. Do u girl!

  • loveme101

    Trina look a fucking mess!!!

  • lowridaz

    She looks good in that black dress, but I think the hairstyle fucked it up, even though, i never been a fan of hers, i thought her rapping was weak

  • sweet_tea

    She’s always on her own planet (style wise) but she gets credit for trying to have some class in these pics. The Keri Hilson mushroom hair isn’t working for her but overall, it’s an ok look.

  • Ms. E

    Hate the lipsick and why does she look like a mushroom?!

  • Ms. Behave

    Lets see:

    > A smaller nose
    > A slender built
    > A lighter tone
    > Possibly a new boobs
    > Korean, Indian or White Hair

    Ladies and Gentle Men, not only do we have a new Trina, We have a new Race, shit a New Person.

    “Self Hate is a Mother…”

  • Media Outrage

    Lol @ Ms. Behave