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Coupled Up

Posted by Media Outrage on July 26th, 2009


Laila Ali and husband Curtis Conway attended the HollyRod Foundation’s 11th Annual Design Care in Beverly Hills last night.  The HollyRod Foundation is the brain child of Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete.  Gabrielle Union, Ciara, Michael J. Fox, Magic and Cookie and the ladies of En Vogue were all in attendance.  Those images are just one click away……

MagicCookie lEnvogeCiara wRodneyMichaelJFoxCookieHollyMagic

Gabrielle qLaila AliHolly Robinson wCiara w1Gabrielle q1

  • MissTX85

    Cute couple!

  • Dickwell Thrust

    Good to see these people out for a worthy cause…..And I’ll light up Layla in any round. any time and any place….

  • Smurfette

    I don’t know why but Layla husband has always looked a lil shady to me. Can’t put my finger on it!

    And EnVouge need to stop hanging out together unless they gonna do a comeback album! Cuz err time I see them together I get my hopes up,……… then no album. Wtf!

  • Roshanda

    ciara looks so cute…
    ya’ll can tell gabrielle union got a sum money..hum i wonder where she got it from?…anyway the dress is cute but i’m still not feelin her!!!!

  • Marathon_Man

    Dawn from En Vogue looks prepped and ready for a wardrobe malfunction. Them thangs look like they’re about to crip walk right out that dress. Laila’s looking nice.

  • MoneAlicia

    Laila is STUNNING! Not a fan of those shoes tho. Nice to see Holly & En Vogue reunited.

  • ucanb2

    I love Laila she is simply gorgeous… En Vogue looked like poster girls for BREAST AUGMENTATION!

  • Atlanta

    Laila is as beautiful as always. Ciara looks like a drug addict. Gabrielle looks great from a distance but up close that weave looks a hot ghetto homemade mess.

  • MaliaMalia Still LOVES MO