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Facebook Break-Ups

Posted by Media Outrage on August 18th, 2009

  • Atlanta

    Yeah this is some funny shit. Saw this the other day.

  • MissTX85

    LMAO @ LOLing all on her comments….LMAO!! Ya ass off now?!!! Ya whole ass?!!!

    That shit was crazy!!

  • Lio

    funny but real too…people are so fucking obsessed with facebook these days it’ ridiculous.

  • 2020VIZN

    Breaks Up??? I saw the Harvard Billionaire Post thst yall put up the other, I couldnt respond because I was on the Fly, I been going real hard lately but to make a long story short, I think these two were the most recent Harvard billoinaires. They are barely 25. I had a bunch of Info onn Ivy League schools and the dropout rates and why theres is so low. I have to give it to yall here in the very near future because im still going hard. But Believe me yall gonna get it

  • Yeah I Said It

    This shit is toooooooo funny!!! hahahahaha at old girl saying you got 525 friends!

    All this for facebook ? For real boo!

  • Media Outrage

    Lol @ MissTX thats the part we thought was hilarious too.

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