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Jay-Z: "When I Say That I'm The Best, I Don't Say That Outta My Ass…I Say That With All My Stats Behind Me"

Posted by Media Outrage on August 26th, 2009


Jay-Z covers the October issue of XXL.  In it he addresses his position in rap and reiterates why he’s the greatest to ever do it.

Via RapRadar:

“I’m not hating on young people. Like, when people say that, I’m like, What are you talking about? It’s just stupid. I’m not hating on young people… I’m not Bill Russell, [saying] Michael Jordan ain’t shit. I’m saying Lil Wayne and Kanye are like LeBron and Kobe. My job as someone at the forefront of the game is to leave it in a better position than when I came in. Same way that Russell [Simmons] left it to me. ’Cause this thing saved my life. Literally. So I have a responsibility to it karmically. And after that it’s on you. I did my part. I made ‘D.O.A.’ I said it. I made the statement. I made the push. Here, y’all take it from here.”

“So if you ask me to grade my performance as the president, I’d say A-plus. No one can bat a 100. It’s impossible. I mean, everyone is looking at my shit. But if we really looked under the hood [of] every single [record exec] and the acts they put out in that time, I’d be comparable to anyone.”

“But when I say I’m the best, I don’t say that outta my ass. I say that with all my stats behind me. I put that against anybody. I mean anybody. I really believe that… I believe in a lot of things. 
I believe that ‘SportsCenter’ is the best thing on TV. I shouldn’t have to prove it. But I do have these stats to prove it. I’m talking about real run. I’m not talking about years off. I’m talking about straight—boom, boom, boom—back to back. We’re not talking about heritage acts either. We’re not talking about respect what I’ve done. I’m talking No. 1 [albums] 10 times. The Beatles is the only one [to have more 
No. 1 albums]. They got 19, and if I get a surge of creativity, I could make nine albums next year.”

  • ucanb2

    Gone Jay!

  • MissTX85

    I guess!

  • Atlanta

    Fuck that nigga.

  • Atlanta

    Don’t like him. Too arrogant for me. Beyonce gone end up like MJ. Out of touch with reality.

  • lowridaz


  • Ms_Behave

    I’ll repost one of my comments:

    Jay-Z, just like his wife doesn’t wait until something is ‘bestowed’ upon them, they go around asking for it “Oooh, i want to be an ICON, I want to be the Greatest Rapper Alive/Ever”, just SHUT UP already!!

    Noticed how they list all the things he accomplished and then add beyonce… like he broke a motherf_cking record when he married her.

    N*gga, i mean Camel Please!!!!

  • Yes its me!!

    He annoys me. Just disappear! UGHH!!! He 40 plus!! WTF!

  • Anita

    Stop hating.

  • Smurfette

    Jayz is the greatest rapper/man/husband! In HIS house!

    Just like im the best at MY house.

    I don’t knock him for lovin Jay, cuz I luv ME just as much!

    Do I even have ONE Jayz album, or Bey Album, or House of Dereon or Rocawear outfit? Hell NO!

    If he made millions he did it wit no help from me. I aint hatin, just not a fan

  • Terrance

    “Nah, I ain’t been shot up a whole bunch of times. And I ain’t animated like say a Busta Rhymes, but da real $hit you get when you bust down my lines. Add that to the fact I went plat a bunch times, times that by my influence on pop culture. I supposed to be number one on everybody’s list. Lets see what happens when I no longer exists.”

    Jay, you’re the best.

  • Ms_Behave

    @ Terrance… I’m going to recommend some Elementary classes for Jay like i did his wife earlier…

    from wikipedia:
    “…he attended George Westinghouse Information Technology High School in Downtown Brooklyn and Trenton Central High School in Trenton, New Jersey, but did not graduate…

    Here’s something to be the ‘Greatest’ in Jay…check into a school, any school dammit!!! and actually GRADUATE…cause his diction makes pookie round the block sounds like a he not only HIGH, but a High School Graduate and potential Harvard graduate…

    Terrance use some of ur social worker links and help this brother out with a proper school so he can atleast appear educated… JAY-Z HAS TO DO BETTER!!

    “Nah, I ain’t been shot up a whole bunch of times. And I ain’t animated like say a Busta Rhymes, but da real $hit you get when you bust down my lines. Add that to the fact I went plat a bunch times, times that by my influence on pop culture. I supposed to be number one on everybody’s list. Lets see what happens when I no longer exists”<– Ghetto Ass Elementary Prick!!!

  • Terrance

    Well, Ms_ Behave you have to pay attention to the audience he’s addressing. I’m sure you know when and where to relax, and speech or write grammatically incorrect. Whether you acknowledge it or not Jay is an intelligent dude. And just because you’re educated that doesn’t mean you’re intelligent. I know some of the dumbest educated people. Education only means you’re informed concerning certain arenas. Jay was asked to dinner by Bill Clinton ( Rhodes Scholar I add) and also sat in meetings with Kofi Annan (former UN secretary). These are pretty intelligent people, and I don’t think they would want to meet or eat with a “ghetto ass elementary prick”. You have a right to not like Jay, but I think it’s a little extreme to imply that he’s not smart just because he doesn’t properly pronounce on a song.

  • Marathon_Man

    Ms behave you have to listen to any of his interviews and his music. The dude is more than smart. He’s before his time. And naw, ya’ll the rap world has been screaming he was the best emcee doing it. He didn’t bestow that title on himself like Lil’wayne did. This goes back to the post MO did about whether or not he was the greatest of all time. No one ever produced a list of albums that out did his. In his interview he clearly states that he’s had 10 number one albums! Only the BEatles have more! How can you even fix your face to argue against the numbers. He’s not making it up he’s just keeping it real. Definitely the greatest of all time.

  • Unkle Death

    FUCK GAY Z and COCKFELLA and his punkass wife BEYONDSHIT!

    There. I said it.

    I wish these niggas (along with KanGay, RiTarded, Weezy Fucked By Baby and BITCH aka Shod G. Moss) would realize that if you’re a mindless self promoter, you’re not a phenomenon. To do that is like giving yourself a nickname. IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK! Don’t get it twisted; it’s cool he had 10 platinum albums but come on. There’s plenty of underground niggas who would MURDER Joe Camel, on and off the mic.

  • 2020VIZN

    “Let me get a sip of this Martell and he can go to helllllll!!!!”

  • itsurboi

    Self promotion is everything, if you don’t promote yourself whoelse is? Some of the best rappers out there promoted themselves selling tapes out the trunk of they car they aint fill out record company applications then then wait for companies to decide whether to hire them, the buzz they made for themselves got them to where their at. Hell how do think Percy Miller got to where he’s at by waiting on somebody else to push his sh!t. He got out there and promoted whatever he was doing flooding the streets with his product and got paid. from that he was able to provide comfort and stability for his family. Now he’s one of the richest niggas in retirement watchin his son play D1 college hoops. So if you bout comfort and stability for your family and future then say you bout it bout it… ugggggggggggh

  • 2020VIZN

    But On the real, I see that the cover of that magazine has O.J. DAJuice man featured in this issue, Why I have no fuckin Idea. He has to be the most garbage rapper I have heard in……EVER. I tell you no lie, Solja Boy can rap circles around this dude. He aint even on the same level as……..nobody.

  • lio

    nobody is bigger than hip hop….I’m not a fan of his music , but he contributed a lot to hip hop, especially now that hip hop is fucking wack as hell….. the video below is dedicated to all true hip hop lovers…..

  • MoneAlicia

    No, he’s starting to feel himself a lil’ too much and is fighting too hard to remain relevant. Dissing Joe Budden? Foh…

  • Jolie

    SHUT THE HELL UP, you are talking out your ass. No one gave you that title, you gave it to yourself.

  • Ms_Behave

    Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm … where to start

    @ TERRANCE, i don’t care if Albert Einstein himself had a meeting with Jay, it doesn’t mean shit!!! All the people u’ve listed consider Jay a major influence in hip hop/ black culture, hence them ‘meeting’ with him, that has no indication as to how ‘smart’ jay is… same way they call Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton for all matters ‘black’… it don’t mean shit!!!

    “And just because you’re educated that doesn’t mean you’re intelligent. I know some of the dumbest educated people” >> Jay speaks like that all the time, it has nothing to do with ‘audience’… i get what he is saying but, that is after deciphering the many jargons he uses and re-reading a couple time…

    @MM … stats aren’t everything. There is no dispute that Jay has contributed tremendously to hip-hop and music in general, but to go around saying he is the Greatest is a big stretch…many artist have broken several records, yet u don’t see them throwing it in your face… do u know how many record celine dion, whitney ,mariah broke? Do u hear them on every other interview listing them? Those ladies not only broke record in their genres but in music in general.

    Rihanna broke several records with that umber-ella -ella single… but can rihanna sing? What about her album sales? Yet she is on every other mag and being referred to as ‘pop princess’.

    Jay Z is great but the Greatest? ……..

    Ghetto Ass Elementary Prick … Is Jay Z Ghetto? Yes, he is over 40 and still wearing saggy jeans and saying ‘Yo’…Elementary… at best Jay Z speaks in broken English, even at ‘high class’ events. Is he dumb, NO? But does he need to work on his diction? Yes!!!… Do i even need to explain why i call him a Prick…

    If ur still offended when i call him a “Ghetto Ass Elementary Prick”, then please keep it inside cause i don’t give a f*ck about ur feelings.

  • Marathon_Man

    Ms. Behave you obviously haven’t watched too many Jay-Z interviews. The man speaks with correct diction and throws a little slang in there like most folks do. He caters to the hip-hop audience. Hip-hop is a lifestyle that many don’t understand. If stats and accomplishments don’t make you the greatest then there isn’t a bar to measure GREATNESS.

    The sagging jeans are a part of hip-hop, something the man helped elevate to the highest level. He took it global and introduced the art to the mainstream. Yes, and you don;t hear Celine Dion or Whitney saying they’re the greatest but it’s a different genre. There’s a lot of macho associated with hip-hop that is not really associated with other genres of music.

  • Ms_Behave


    *Jay Z interview*

    Interviewer: ‘Hi, welcome to the studios of MTV’

    JayZ: ‘Yo, im happy to be here. Did u know im the greatest’

    Ms. Behave: ‘F_ck it’

    *changes channel*

    While u do use stats to measure, u can’t rely on it purely… being ‘popular’ doesn’t equate to greatness. Some of the biggest stars are sh*t, just ‘marketing gimmicks’, many GREAT artist don’t have a big label to push them so they will never achieve the stats that jay has.

    If u should go underground right now, pick ANY artist and guaranteed they will blow out some of these ‘top’ and ‘popular’ artist.

    “The man speaks with correct diction and throws a little slang in there like most folks do”<– maybe that's the problem. I believe there is a time and place for everything. He does a hip-hop interview he uses slang, he does a business interview he uses slang… time and place.

    There were whispers in hip-hop and music mags in general as to who the 'greats' are in hip-hop and Jay heard mention of his name and every since turn them into shouts of his 'greatness'.

    He needs to let it be, i believe to 'Give Unto Caesar What is Caesar's'… in due time we will all know. As screwed up as MJ was we can all call it ' the greatest of all time' stats and other wise… remove all the stats and u have a very profound artist, that has yet to be eclipsed and will take a lot to.

    with Jay… even with all his records/stats people are still undecided, hence this discussion. Imagine if we remove his records/stats how many other artist he would have to compete with… there are so many other artist that u can listen to their album and get a similar feel of 'greatness'… Jay is not there yet… time will tell…

    but for now he need to shut up and wait until it is ‘bestowed’ rather than asking/telling.

  • Dominiking

    Jay-Z is correct, he is the greatest rapper of all time. Ever since he has entered the game he has consistently put out #1 hits and is one of the best lyricists of all time. He can out rhyme any rapper who ever lived. I just hate him because he is dating Beyonce, she is too fine for him. Oh well, must be the money!

  • BelizeanCutie84

    I like JAy. Is he the greatest rapper? No. However, he is on the list as one of the greatest. All the new comers cant touch him lyrically. Did I mention his swag is just so sexy. Maybe thats what Bey sees.

    In life I feel there has to be an ugly and an attractive person in a relationship to balance things out. Two attractive people never look right, just looks fake. And two ugly people, well…thats all.

  • Terrance

    I’m not at all offended by what you call Jay, you just don’t have any merit. Him meeting with both of them had nothing to do with his influence on the black commununity. His dinner with Clinton was a private one that he later disclosed in an interview. His meeting with Annan was conducted when he traveled to a country in Africa to help build a clean water system. I’m not going to continue to go back and forth in a Jay Z debate, because it’s pointless, and you sound pretty classy sis.

  • banga77

    I’m not hating.. I think all jays music was good and began dippin just after the original blueprint… Now he can’t get a dollar outta me… The take over is over..

  • Marathon_Man

    Ms Behave writes: “While u do use stats to measure, u can’t rely on it purely… being ‘popular’ doesn’t equate to greatness. Some of the biggest stars are sh*t, just ‘marketing gimmicks’, many GREAT artist don’t have a big label to push them so they will never achieve the stats that jay has.

    If u should go underground right now, pick ANY artist and guaranteed they will blow out some of these ‘top’ and ‘popular’ artist.

    “The man speaks with correct diction and throws a little slang in there like most folks do”<– maybe that's the problem. I believe there is a time and place for everything. He does a hip-hop interview he uses slang, he does a business interview he uses slang… time and place."

    Ms. Behave how many other RAPPERS can you name with even 4 hot albums that could be considered classics? I doubt you will be able to name ANY. There is no ARGUMENT about who's the greatest. He is the GREATEST. He didn't start saying it the media did after they saw him DOMINATE music for more than a DECADE.

    Tupac and Biggie can't be put into his category. They didn't make enough GREAT ALBUMS to qualify. Nas? HELL NO. So who else is there I ask?

    There isn't ANYONE.

    In basketball you use stats and records to measure greatness as you should in anyother profession. Ms. Behave it's imaterial to bring up "fictitious" underground rappers that we've never heard of. There's someone on the street that might have been better than MICHAEL JORDAN but he's not relevant because we DON'T KNOW HIM.

  • Marathon_Man

    Respect Pac and Biggie a lot but unfortunately they didn’t live long enough to solidify too many “classic” albums, which by the way JAY-Z has more than ANY OTHER RAPPER YOU OR ANYONE ELSE WHO IS INFORMED CAN NAME. I’M WAITING FOR ANYONE TO NAME A RAPPER WHO HAS MORE CLASSIC ALBUMS THAN JAY-Z. IT WON’T BE DONE. SO CONVERSATION OVER WITH.

  • banga77

    Lets say Jay has way mor classics than everyone and they mom put together I can agrree.. But Biggies 1st album nas’s first and rekwon and ghostface only built for cuban links can can mash out alot of those classics on they own by their self..

    Just my himble opinion.. It’s only hip hop.. Enjoy it..

  • banga77

    Exuse me (Humble opioin)..

  • banga77

    damn can spell today lol!!!

  • Marathon_Man

    Banga so their first albums can mash out any of Jay’s classics? Cool. But where are their FOLLOW UP CLASSICS? LOL.

    See Jay has

    went and copied another reader’s post:

    1. Reasonable Doubt- Classic
    2. In My Lifetime Vol.1- Good
    3. Vol.2….Hard Knock Life- Classic
    4. Vol.3….Life and Times of S. Carter- Classic
    5. The Dynasty- Classic
    6. The Blueprint- Perhaps the best album ever made lol
    7. Blueprint II- Good
    8. Black Album- Good
    9. Kingdom Come- Aight
    10.American Gangsta- Aight

    Nothing is messing with this line up LMAO

  • Leroy

    If Jay Z is basing his past success in record sales and album revenue than Yes! he is the best rapper. Personally I dislike rappers who claim they are the “best rapper alive” because that leaves out legends like Rakim, Nas and Krs One who are still alive. If anything this XXL interview is a marketing move by Jay in order to boost sales for his upcoming album “BluePrint 3″.

  • Ms_Behave

    Some men are more emotional that a woman PMSing… is it that serious?…

    I don’t care if he donated a state load of food to africa and had a meeting with ghandi, that doesn’t make him smart…

    2Pacalypse Now and Illmatic are 2 of the greatest albums ever… u see that’s where we differ, u look at stats for ‘classic’ while i look at ‘content’… in today’s industry (or even back then) i takes virtually NOTHING to be #1 and have a #1 album… doesn’t make it a classic…

    While u keep watching soundscan for #1′s to get classic… i’ll be actually listening to albums to compile my ‘GREATS’.

    U can’t compare basketball with music… Michael jordan, Kobe, Lebron, they all go out and do the damn thing, it is based on their PERSONAL input, when they shoot hoops, they do it… u could have souljaboy tmrrw at the top of the charts with the wackest album and later on in the year selling 12mil, probably because of producers, marketing and label… when lebron goes out there only lebron can score, not same for music, because believe it or not, some people actually buy music for beats and IGNORE artist… So when u pull thos stats for basketball IT IS reflective of PLAYER, with music it could be a myriad of thing and not reflective of ARTIST input solely.

    It it apparent we share different views so i will rest topic, but remember… what separates a good artist from a great artist is his material and not his sales.

    Now… for the men getting ‘touchy’, no need to use insinuations and undertones cause i not only can read, i have understanding. I applaud those who can say how they feel and not having to hide behind words <– that is what a DISCUSSION is all about.

    “The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is not Ignorance, It is the Illusion of Knowledge” <– so save all that referencing sh*t (yes i said that, does that make me unlady like?) for someone who cares.

  • Leroy

    (Marathon Man) I agree that Jay’s been consistent throughout his career when making an album. But you placed the “Dynasty” album as a classic??.. Are you serious? That album was more of a Jay Z presents Rockafella project. I think that album was weak. And “American Gangsta” was more than “Aight”.

  • Marathon_Man

    Leroy i agree, the Dynasty was introducing his Rocafella fam but it was still his album. Think how many albums these days carry nothing but features from other artist.

    Now a marketing ploy to sell records? Naw…I have magazines like RollingStone, XXL, Source, Forbes, and plenty other titles that have all proclaimed him the greatest.

    Ms. Behave I enjoy your commentary everyday. My job kind of prohibits me from leaving as many comments as i would like because dont want one of those “folks” to walk by and see MEDIAOUTRAGE screen maximized and then get taken into the office and scolded, but i read where you and brother Terrance bumped heads. I think he was responding to this comment:

    If ur still offended when i call him a “Ghetto Ass Elementary Prick”, then please keep it inside cause i don’t give a f*ck about ur feelings.

    Yall no reason for things to get testy. Let’s leave that to those crazy people that pop in and out of here every 5 months, just to start trouble. Now yall kiss and make up for me lol. You need some RUBBERS TERRANCE?

  • Marathon_Man

    Oh and Ms. Behave I listen to lyrical content. I judge albums by content, beats, concepts and overall vision.

    Then again it does depend on what you LIKE TO HEAR talked about.

  • Ms_Behave

    @ MM… funny thing is that my 1st comment was a piggyback off a beyonce joke that was going on, on another post… we were talking about her diction.

    I skipped this post all together, cause if u’ve seen one jay interview u’ve seen them all, he talks about the same sh*t… terrance highlighted a section of his interview and when i read, i was like ‘Damn!! does diction deficiency run in the family’ cause his wife talks the same way… hence, my comment about his diction… it was all a joke…

    I was shocked to log on next morning and see my ass ripped to shreds by not only terrance but yourself… i guess the joke was lost on u guyz because u came on late in evenning and missed the ‘beyonce post’.

    Do u really think i want to talk about jayz? from the last “greatest rapper ever” post, i rest that issue and especially since we rounded up the crew to shoot ur asses, lol, so terrance starting all this ‘i know educated fools’ discussion was all a big misunderstanding…

    From now on, no more @ responses with people’s name cause i see what can happen, i will post my comments and leave it at that… surely he thought it was personal with the mention of his username and u can tell he loooves jay, lol, so for referencing his name i’m sorry, but not for what i said.

  • Ms_Behave

    My bad, here is the Beyonce comment

  • Ms_Behave

    Ok, let me try it again: :) Beyonce comment

  • Ms_Behave

    WTH?!, ok let me try it this way:

    Beyonce comment

    *Fingers crossed* lol

  • Ms_Behave

    Halleluah!!! I guess 3 times a charm, haha

  • Terrance

    Word MM pass off lol. The fact that MO and so many other gossip sites and magazines talk about Jay being the best is proof that it’s arguable. After all, none of us ever argue if Souljaboy or Memphis Bleek are the best rappers because that’s absurd. Ms_Behave like I said before you have a right to your opinion no matter how wrong it is. You cool with me, wit ya feisty @$$.

  • Marathon_Man

    Naw Ms. Behave you might want to venture back to that IS JAY-Z THE GREATEST POST? and read that the people that tried in vain to argue against him being the greatest by pulling up every UNHEARD OF UNDERGROUND RAPPER got blown to SMITHERINES LOL.

    I speak fact and no one has combated that yet. I’ve just heard some opinions. But i respect everyone having a different opinion but that doesn’t change facts.

  • Ms_Behave

    Well let me respond with my feisty @$$, lol.

    I feel like i’m going in circles… it doesn’t matter what u guys say, i won’t agree… ur using stats to measure ‘greatestness’, while i uses content.

    @ terrance, although i said i woul’dn’t @ responses ago…Your :cool: with me too… but seriously did u guyz read comment #39? if so read it again, i’m done with this jayz sh*t, i’m sorry that was feisty of me, hahaha.

    P.S. I hate Jayz even more now… just for the fact that he has me wasting time on his damn post, can’t stand that arrogant CAMEL!!… and that a fact- now try and dispute that, lol


    2 PAC was the Greatest of All Time….I don’t care if you were raised in the Burbs or the Inner City…..2 PAC made songs from the heart and soul that related to the struggle and the people…He made you feel good about being Black(Smile for me). He was raised and was “Cut from the same cloth” as some of our most Prolific Freedom Fighters of our time….2 PAC had the intelligence and charisma to lead the deaf, dumb, and the blind into a conscious state of mind…..I always felt that PAC was one of our Prophets!!

    He took a negative and derogatory term that was coined for Blacks and tried to make it into something positive…Remember this: N.I.G.G.A. (Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished)….I’ll never forget when I heard him say that!!

    Like PAC said….My only fear of death is reincarnation, Heart of Soldier with a “Brain to teach the Whole Nation”. When 2 PAC dropped Kiluminati(Kill ILLUMINATI)…..the Gov’t assassinated him!!!

    Reasonable Doubt is a Classic and Jay-Z is my dude, but I feel that Jay-Z has sold his Soul to the Devil…..How many “rappers” do you see that are destined for Billionaire status?…Doesn’t it seem strange that the Gov’t despises and incarcerates Black drug dealers daily, but embraces a former drug dealer that glorifies this type of lifestyle in his raps???….Maybe I’m Crazy, but that’s just how I think!!!…..Hell the Gov’t even put the pressure on Bill Gates because he was becoming to powerful…with Money comes Power!!

    Just my opinion though.


  • Terrance

    ALLISWELL5, one of my homies is convinced that Jay is down with the Illuminate. He too questions Jay’s transition and acceptance by mainstream media. You’re an enlightened brotha, so you’re informed about the motives and goals of the elite. However, only the elite are a part of that group. Jay’s status and accomplishments are nothing in the site of the bankers, politicians, and billionaires who are a part of this wicked social elite group. Even though Jay has a great influence on people, particularly African Americans and other hip hop followers, what significance could he be to the elite? I believe there are people who would dwarf Bill Gates, people who run the Federal Reserve, WB (World Bank), and IMF (International Monetary Fund). If Jay is a part of this group of people, then he has to realize that he is only a pawn.

  • Ms_Behave

    @ALLISWELL5, i share ur view, can’t quite call it … for me it’s between Nasir and Pac…

    The possession of Jay/Bee is something i’ve been reading on u can find more on this site

    Here a video, hope this works *fingers crossed*