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Woman Gets Entire CAN of Ass Whoopin' Opened Up On Her At 50 Cent's Mansion For Refusing To Blow Some Dude

Posted by Media Outrage on August 26th, 2009

Curtis Jackson j1

A woman had an entire can of Ass Whoopin’ Deluxe opened up on her dome piece for refusing to blow some dude at 50 Cent’s mansion this past weekend. 

Via AHH:

A man employed by 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records is accused of attacking a woman last Sunday (August 16), after she refused his requests for oral sex.

News broke last week that Dwayne McKenzie, 28, and Michelle Krzykowski, 21, were accused of assaulting a woman on 50 Cent’s sprawling mansion in Farmington, Connecticut.

The incident began after McKenzie made the request, which resulted in an argument between McKenzie and one of the woman’s friends.

When the two women and their friends attempted to leave, Krzykowski attacked one of the women, striking her in the head with a hard object, as McKenzie held the woman down.

The unknown woman, who had danced in music videos in the past, managed to pepper spray McKenzie, Krzykowski, flee the scene and call 911.

According to the Hartford Courtant, the woman’s head wound was serious, requiring a total of 9 staples to close the gash.

Krzykowski has told police that she was intoxicated during the assault and only remembers that the women had called her a “cracker.”

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  • Smurfette

    Guess they do get it poppin in CT!! Homegirl should’ve used her head! Lol

  • MissTX85

    DAMN! All that for refusing to blow dude?!! SMDH

    LMAO @ Smurf!!

  • Media Outrage

    Lmao @ Smurfette

  • mizzsimplicity

    off the damn radar. sure she knew y she was there. when u put urself in these types of situation with these messed up dudes the results are almost always the same.

  • Marathon_Man

    damn who wants to really get head if you gotta get physical to receive it? clowns

  • Smurfette

    @MM, I don’t think dude was gettin physical just to get head! Its more to this. Here how I think it went down:

    Man in the bar: Aye hoe! Come home wit me tonite! I DID just buy u a drank u know?

    Hoe: Fuck u nigga!

    Man in the bar: Look bitch, I know ppl in high places! I may not be rich, but my friends are!

    Hoe: okay well who are yo friends?

    Man in the bar: 50 cent is my main man. Im stayin at his crib this week!

    Hoe: for real!!!?? Omg! I love him! He gone be over there wen we get there?? If he home and I get to meet him, I will suck ERRBODY off!

    Man in the bar: hell yea he home! Lets get out of here!

    Walks into 50 crib together, and after hourlong tour, dumb hoe realizes she has seen every sqaure inch of house, but no 50!

    Hoe: aye, I thought u said Curtis was here!!

    Man from the bar: I said he MIGHT be here! Now suck my dick bitch!

    Hoe: hell naw! U lyin ass nigga! I wanted an autograph or sumthin! Im outta here!!

    Ding! Man from bar has one of his hoes clock this new hoe over the head for bein disrespectful

    Now I aint sure if this how it went down exactly but its my best guesstimate!! Lmao!!!

  • MissTX85

    LMAO @ Smurf! You wildin’ this morning!

  • Ms_Behave

    Wait let me get this straight:

    Homeboy wanted Head
    *she refused*
    He lost his Head
    He chris-browned her Head

    Because home girl used her Head and not give HEAD to a STD Billboard employee of 50 Cent.

    *OMFG!! he is not even a Rapper? he can’t even pay for the injuries…F_ckery!!!* …

    MO, why couldn’t this be me. I would’ve ‘ headed’ to my bag but instead of a cumming up with a pepperspray, i would’ve cum up with this:

    .,–^——–,—— ——-,———-,———^–,
    .|`|||||||||` `———-’“ “`||========0
    .`+—— PUSSY Annihilator—–^————-|
    .`. `/ XXxxXX /`|_`.`/
    .`.`/ XXxxXX // ` \,`/
    .“/ XXxxXX //\____(
    .`/ XXxxXX /
    ./ XXxxXX /

    Homegirl was smart in refusing to give ‘head’…but, she should’ve offered to ‘f_ck’ him up

    New twit page Follow your precious Ms_Behave at

  • Marathon_Man


  • Marathon_Man

    Damn Ms Behave you is a real creative sista LOL! You done drawn the pistol better than the police sketch artists lol.

    how you do that shit? Im all confused in the game lol. But anxiously anticipating 1pm…..LUNCH TIME DAWG!


  • Teena Thomas

    Damn I guess he needed to bust that nut huh? And the other chick was doing what?????? She must have wanted to get in on the action too. SMDH

  • Ms_Behave

    @ MM… when u sit at work and don’t have a sup that takes u in parking lot on ‘down’ time to perfect their ‘cranial’ knowledge… u tend to wonder off…

    It is either violence or wood and since i’m ‘prohibited to have sexual material on work PC’… the gun will do…

    *killing is very thrilling* lol… it does help that i’m an actual artist, now u know where i get my ‘good eye’ from, hahaha *head game is good too ;-)*

    This was actually inspired by that gold digging Kuntlis Nasir had. Check out my KELIS Annihilator

  • 2thick4u

    Damn…this is crazy…his ass might can sell the house now :)

  • ucanb2

    How stupid are you? SMDH

  • Atlanta

    That’s what happens to freak hoes.

  • Terrance

    Yeah, Smurf that story was funnier than a maf*<ka! However, homie needs to go to jail. He shouldn't have went up top just because she refused to give him oral. His cell mate should make him suck him off just to give him a taste of his own medicine.

  • BadBadKitty0727

    @Terrance – RIGHT!
    Since when in the hell a woman can’t exercise her right to say “no” no matter who or what she is? NEVER does that give anyone the right react with physical violence. So, for those who want to “blame the victim,” the next time you tell a nucca no and he slap you upside the head, sit there and keep ya stupid-ass mouth shut.

  • Yvonne

    Crazy as hell. SMH.

  • itsurboi

    damn well i guess that why you shouldnt mix liquor, X, and viagra
    these and more tradgies from THE ERECTION ZONE

  • Random

    Alright here’s my thing..I certainly don’t blame the chic for refusing to engage in any sort of sexual activity..and obviously the dude was wrong for flipping out..NO means NO and you’d have to be a desperate/insecure little douchec*ck not to accept it..However, these chics attending these ‘parties’ shouldn’t expect to be treated like “queens”..You’re just another piece of A** to these guys…If you expect to be treated with respect then you shouldn’t be attending certain ‘events’..that’s my take on this whole situation..

  • Rafiq14

    Random you are exactly RIGHT.But some of these groupie women are off the chain.No means no and in this day an time any and every entertainer need to watch there azzes.And your click of boyz need to be selected carefully.Who’s name came up first 50,who is she gonna try an sue 50.Something went down at his crib and them whitefolks are gonna make him pay in some form HE IS GONNA PAY.So ladies need to get off that bullshyt and stop acting like you just going to a party.Especially if it’s at the entertainers mansion.You know if you go to a party at someones house and do not leave at a decent hour,1 or 2 o’clock then the freakin is gonna get started between 3 and 6 guarenteed.PEACE