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Jay-Z Speaks On Rocawear & Dame

Posted by Media Outrage on November 30th, 2009

Jay-Z did an interview with Women’s Wear Daily about Rocawear now and then, back when Dame Dash was running the show.  Here’s what he had to say concerning the two…

Via NecoleBitchie:

“Dame did a great job when he was here,” Carter said. “I just feel that I have a different way of running things, which I think is working out well. I let people make mistakes, and push them to be creative. I let a design team design. When they feel good about something they have created, it makes them want to do more. It makes them want to do their best. People are happy here. I’m not a controlling manager and I have a great team that makes me confident that things can run well when I’m on the road, and I’m proud of that. ”

We really should have done some Rihanna Rocawear umbrellas when that song became a hit. We could have made a load of money on those. I’m still kicking myself.”

  • Dickwell Thrust

    Jay, I love your business sense, but any more Rhianna ANYTHING and I may have gone postal and blown your Banana eating lips off yo camel head…..

  • danibabygurl

    LOL @ DT

  • J.R.

    its all about money with this nigga…THe Game was right, I guess we will be seeing rocawear tampons, flip-flops, candles, diapers etc..

  • justsayin

    lol @ rocawear tampons I would not be suprised

  • ucanb2

    He is a great business man, have to give him his props!

  • Kingston

    Jay Z is smart and ambitious.

  • Kanyade

    He is most certainly ambitious. At the end of the day though, not knocking his businessmanness.