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Celebs Remake "We Are The World" For Haiti

Posted by Media Outrage on February 2nd, 2010

Everyone and they momma came out to Jim Henson Studios in LA to remake “We Are The World” for the Haiti victims.  Those pics when you

  • Ms. Behave

    ok, so, “we are the world” set precedence when it was done,back in 85′, now is 2010, get a motherf*ckin’ NEW song. U can’t remake and historic song and think ‘it’s going to be historic”….. FYI It Already Is!!!!!!!!

    Half the ppl in that crowd should be taking vocal lessons rather than TRYING to sing… fonzworth bentley? WTH?!!; Brandy…Washed-up;Jordan sparks… fat camp ; TBraxton… has-been; Tpain… autotune; Keri hilson…u should’ve been BORN in the 80′s with ur throwback self; Justin bieber… cute girl; Nicole sherzw…Oh what the f*ck forget it!

    EWWWWW!!! @ lil wayne and Hahahahaha @ kanye, they thought ur ass something at the grammy’s, no nomination, no invitation and WIN-WIN WIN for TSwift, lololol.

    • Yvonne

      I totally agree Ms. Behave, it was epic back in 1985 and there is no way to improve on it. We Are The World did not need a “do over”.

      IMO, it was more of an ego boost for a lot of these celebs.

    • danibabygurl

      ::clears throat:: @Ms. Behave…Have you heard Brandy sing? Her voice is not washed up….this music industry is very shady and slanted. Jordin Sparks has a nice body, but she’s a thick girl…the others, I don’t care enough about 2 defend.

      • Ms. Behave

        uh-um? @Dani … YES SHE IS!!! When u use crayola to draw ur eyebrows, wear a bozo the clown fake a smile, commit Vehicular Homicide ( i don’t give a damn about the court ruling), YOU ARE! … NEVER said her ‘voice’ [if that’s what u call it lol) was ‘washed up’, i said BRANDY was WASHED UP!!! <a href=""Photo Evidence! P.S. Brandy stop, acting like ur eyes are ‘dreamy’, we know ur smoking some of Ray J’s stash, po baby- Guilt is a mother…

        “Jordin Sparks has a nice body, but she’s a thick girl”… OK, let me school u, there is normal, overweight, obese and morbidly obese, just ask ur doctor, no such thing as “THICK”…. When ur arm starts developing another arm, u aint ‘thick’, u FAT! *she’s cute, but still fat lol*

      • Ms. Behave

        * Sorry… photo evidence for Brandy :)

      • danibabygurl

        And that is why we have singers like Rihanna…with no talent, but a record deal because the masses only care about looks. And yes Jordin was fat, but not anymore since she’s lost the weight. If big arms makes you fat…then damn I am huge cause that’s where my weight goes no matter how much I weight train.

      • Ms. Behave

        hahaha @ singers like Rihanna. Ur missing the point, BRANDY LOOKS USED UP, she need some R&R, point blank. If i passed her on the street i would offer her a $1, mistaking her for a bum, not a good look.

        “Jordin was fat” *Epic Pause!* Jordin IS fat. lol

        Oh- and sorry about ur arms. No, arms alone doesn’t make u fat, but if they huge enough to assit u in flight, then u might want to hit the gym… ASAP lol. [generally speaking not directed at u]

        P.S. Im a brandy fan too, but washed up is washed up and fat is fat. #no shade

    • BadBadKitty0727

      SOMEBODY could’ve wrote a new damn song for Haiti – Wyclef?
      Pure-D laziness!

      • Ms. Behave

        That’s what im saying… what are they going to say “we are the world, we are Haiti” <<< WTF?! Might as well use it for "Katrina" victims, World WAR II verterans, Asian tsunami victims, Holocaust victims, Apartheid etc. lol

        *Im creating a petition as we speak*
        New Song for Haiti!
        Sign on the dotted lines _ _ _ _ _ _ lol

  • ucanb2

    Good deal

  • Kingston

    That’s good. It’s for a good cause so I’m all for it. And It’s good to see Kanye again.

  • MizzMimi

    WTF why is Vince Vaughn there????

  • heather

    this is b.s for real….where was everybody for the KATRINA VICTIMS?

    • danibabygurl

      Katrina had somewhere around 4-6K die….Haiti has had 100K + die. Though both are tragedies, this one is far worse.

    • danibabygurl

      Wait….wait. Hold up. Hold the presses, stop the music, cut the cameras….

      …what in the world is Mr. Umbrella himself doing there? Everyone calls themselves an artists nowadays.

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  • MissTX

    I’d rather hear MJ and ‘nem version over and over.

    Got a feeling this one will be full of autotune and lyrics to the people of Haiti on how to pop bottles and whatnot to get over their tragedy.

    I mean seriously, Kanye, T-Pain AND Lil’ Wayne?!!! WTF?!! SMH.

    • Media Outrage


  • Lio

    is this just me or this tragedy is turning to a fucking circus… So fat over $500 millions has been raised, none of it got to Haiti YET. I have friend in the RCMP (ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE…..CDN VERSION OF FBI MINUS THE BUDGET) just came back to Haiti. He told me that the U.N are doing nothing. He told me ” Lionel , honestly keep your money , those people won’t see 1 cent of it” I’m fucking worried, where the fuck that money is going ? Seriously..I hope he ‘s wrong

    • BadBadKitty0727

      The U.N. is WORTHLESS – always has been, always will be.
      A 3rd party is definitely needed with the requirement that all monies be accounted for and publicly disclosed. And, as corrupt as Haiti’s gov’t. is – ain’t no way anybody should be putting one red cent in their grubby, greedy paws ‘cuz if that happens, Haiti won’t EVER be rebuilt.

      Based on my pea-brained assessment, the money could’ve very well been raised, but gettin’ a check cut and placed in accounts where it’s needed is a whole ‘nother matter. For example – people been texting to send $5 or $10 right? Well, until you pay your cell phone bill (which is 30 days after you pledge your $), it’s not actually paid. Then, once the cell phone company gets your money, how long is it gonna take them to cut the check?

      People who pledged money on G. Clooney’s telethon. Same thing. Money pledged, but how long does it take to collect get the money, then send the money to Haiti.

  • Lio

    one more thing..I appreciate what Wyclef is doing, raising awareness and stuff..but Did he go to Haiti Yet ??? just asking …

    • Media Outrage

      Yes he’s been to Haiti helping out on the ground level, pulling out bodies and stuff. He’s been to Haiti several times now.

      • lio

        cool! thanks M.O…

  • Kanyade


    This will be interesting…


    In Wyclef voice: “You can either make this record, or ‘make’ this record.”

  • Addison Jackson

    i saw vince vaugn in person and this guy is really tall:-`

  • Bench Saw

    you should take vocal lessons if there is a need for you to sound like Taylor Swift or Josh Groban *.-

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