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New Fantasia – "Even Angels"

Posted by Media Outrage on February 3rd, 2010

Fanny is back with some new ish for them ears….

  • danibabygurl

    I like the song. My favorite line “Shoulda bought that new phone.” All I keep thinkin bout is T-Mobile dude she snatched up. U prob wishin w/ all this drama u got the phone and not him, huh Tasia?

    • Ms. Behave


  • MissTX

    I like it.

  • ucanb2

    Nice…keep it coming!

  • Dominikingz

    Fantasia has a beautiful voice but I wished she had the looks to match that voice and take off those damn tattoos, you are not a man.

    • MissTX

      So she shouldn’t have tats cause she’s a woman? Albeit she has a lot, but still.

      I’m asking because this is the second comment I’ve seen like this that’s come from a man.

      • Dominikingz

        It’s my personal preference for a woman not to have tattoos but to each his own.

      • MissTX

        I understand. But to present your comment like, ‘men can have tats, women can’t’, is what I was questioning.

  • Kingston

    She sounds alot like Brandy and I love the song!