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Hov & Beyonce Grab Easter Dinner

Posted by Media Outrage on April 5th, 2010

Jay-Z and Beyonce hit up Wallse restaurant in NYC last night for some good grub.  Not sure if Hov and Bey attended Easter service but they were out filling up their stomachs for a nice romantic dinner.  Must be something to be able to do anything or go anywhere that you desire knowing the money will never dry up.  More Bey and Hov when you

  • Mrs. 2020VIZN

    That girl can’t dress for shiiiittttt!

    • nupe_4_life

      Look at Jay’s azz. WTF? This nucca is damn near 40…why is he dressing like a f**kin kid?

      • 私は愛を午前

        Nupe we are >>>here<<< I've always had an issue with grown men and sagging jeans, actually i have an issue with sagging jeans, PERIOD!

    • Lio

      Can’t shave for shit and is that a blood stain on her left leg ??

      and what a shame, Jay -Z married a girl that can’t cook..Don;t care if you’re rich ..once in a while their nothing better than a home cooked meal

      • Marie


      • 私は愛を午前

        Lio, the scar on her left leg is from fall in CA.

        Ditto on the cooking part!

      • Yeah I Said It

        LOL @ ” is that a blood stain on her left leg” ??

  • Kingston

    Easter is celebrated as the crucifiction and resurrection of Jesus, so I highly doubt these two will attend any easter service. Don’t know if there are any other celebrations for easter.

    • Mr. 13in


  • MaliaMalia LOVES MO

    Cute pictures but beyonce looks so weird wearing flat pumps lol!

  • Yeah I Said it

    Why is his clothes always dirty??? Dude wash your ass and clothes sometimes!!

  • Chessica

    Bey my bigHomie cuz she & my cousin is real cool but 4real ?. them flats w/ that DNT MATCH..cuz the dress is fine, i love it actually but she shoulda put on sum gladiators..i wish i knew her as well as my cousin does so i can tell ha what NOT to wear..damn Bey.

  • acona

    the dress is okay

  • BadBadKitty0727

    I told ya’ll – anytime she is left on her own to dress herself the results…….FAIL!

  • Atlantaaaaa

    Yeah, she is pregnant…she keeps trying to hide her stomach in all her latest pics.

    • Mr. 13in

      Super Spy!!!

    • Shannon G.

      Look @ the fitting of her belt on her dress. It looks like it can barely go around her.

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  • mstrendydotcom

    Beyonce is really rocking the easter colors but i hat the dress…

  • http://mediaoutrage brynnrock

    They should of been given given given that would of been a story to read.

  • Kanyade

    How is this dress okay?

    Explain to me. :|

    • Mr. 13in

      It ain’t…

  • Mr. 13in

    Ok folks…

    Is it just me, or do they both look a HOT MESS?

    These folks dress their asses off on most days, and then on the day that the Lord rose, they step outta the house looking like crack addicts.

    • Shannon G.

      LMAO! Right!

  • MoneAlicia

    How is it that she’s so bad on tv but looks just as busted in real life???? Again I ask, where is ur stylist???


    Bey looks a hot mess w/o all the make-up and hair extensions

  • danibabygurl

    May I remind you all that it was their anniversary the night of this picture….and she opted to wear THAT? That’s grounds for divorce right there.

    • Kanyade

      :lol: I hate u LOLOLOL Too funny tho’

  • B’yata

    - all these otha websites keep sayin she hidin her tummy cuz she pregnant..but i think she doin that shit 4 attention cuz she know ppl stil goh speculate no matta what ha reps say..which means her ass be readin the hell outta the blogs..but want’n attention 4 what ?, cuz she gets enuf of it..beyonce my bitch but she confuses the hell outta me til the point where its amusin. =o/..and u jigga..u stil my nigga.but LOL at yo ass brotha.

  • ucanb2

    I am shocked to see her in FLATS!!


    Jay always keeps the Masons’ thumb visible for the photographers snapshots.

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