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Tiny & Toya Screening Party

Posted by Media Outrage on April 15th, 2010

Toya and Tiny celebrated their screening party for “Tiny & Toya” at Aja in the “A” the other night.  Toya looks nice and we believe Tiny is almost there.  TI and his brand new teef were in the building…

  • http://mediaoutrage brynnrock

    Tiny needs to get rid of that red hair. T.I. looks fine damn!

    • Aniyaqt

      Nooooo……..she needs 2 keep it cuz that blonde makes her looks tooo piggish

  • Yeah I Said It

    MO I know damn well you didn’t just diss my man!!! Tell me somebody on staff got fired behind that shameful comment. :evil:

    I don’t give a damn what you say about hog-nose and big-fore-head,just leave my boo out of it. You damn near got me spittin fire this morning with this bull shit. I said I was not going to curse today and here you go on some old bullllllllll.

    Fuck it. MO just give me the name of the person that wrote this post, I don’t need to find you. I got Chris Croker on my side he will slam the hell out whomever…. Don’t be afraid to email me his/her name I got your slimy ass back MO…. (this is too damn much now I have to breathe deep) :evil:

    • http://MEDIOUTRAGE emliy


    • 私は愛を午前

      Let me help you out gurl’… this is the MO staff writer that’s been firing up the posts lately Wendell James :lol:

      • Yeah I Said It

        ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! You are crazy mad.

  • who’s that lady sexy lady

    Yea yea tiny and lil wayne first bm good for them! hooray! But MO thats the stuff im talkn bout mo sexy a** real thugs like T.I.!! (like theres really s/like him out there). Im all 4 a sophisticated bro. but its something bout that boy there……. ;-)

    • Yeah I Said It

      Say that shit again cause they didn’t here you!!!!!!! There is something about T.I.s swagger that make me say OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH. I love his lips,eyes,and style. I’mma need for him not to open his mouth and talk just look good and sound good rapping.

      Ok now I can get ready for work….. :smile:

  • ucanb2


  • Kanyade

    Hmmm…nope, I got nothin’ here.

    Moving right along…


  • http://MEDIOUTRAGE emliy


  • Random

    Absolute Ghettoness..ew!

  • 私は愛を午前

    Red, Burgundy and Blue hair? :shock: What? Did they just acquire shares in Kraft Foods Company and decided to do a hair line for koolaid? And in the kiddies hair? really now? You have kiddiePerm and now you have kiddieAid?

    Two Words…

    Ghetto Fabulous!

  • Teena Thomas

    But why was BET playing or who ever that produces that show… Show is in ATL why in the hell was PHILLY”S Skyline in their backround……


  • MizzMimi

    those are the best outfits they could come up with for their screening????? Really? Really?

  • Kingston

    This should be called the post with many colors. Tiny and Toya always dress like they’re heading to the mall.

    Yes MO, now I know what was off about TI, his new grill. But I like TI and Tiny together as much criticism as she gets. Did anyone see them on the Chelsea Lately show? Now that shit was funny. Chelsea is a mess lol!

    • BadBadKitty0727

      Yep, I saw it. I think Tiny got pissed off.

      Chelsea went hard on ‘em with the prison jokes.

      Toya sounded halfway intelligent, while Ms. Piggy needs to get a Speech Pathologist on staff ASAP!

  • 私は愛を午前

    Clifford what was wrong with your old teeth? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it -literally! That money would’ve been better spent on a plastic surgeon to give tiny a new face. Clifford i’m MAD at you :evil:

    • Victoria K

      LOL you would need a power drill to get that thing off of Tiny’s face.

      She’s got a BENTLEY on her grill.

  • sexy lady

    LMAO to the lady with no name! i feel u bout tiny she has a face that makes u wanna ask who done it and why?!! lol :)


    Candy can get the icepick she is sexy too me and she is real. Go Kandi

  • NINA

    Does Tiny have butt pads or a Brazilian tuck?

  • MissTX


    Love T.I. He looking like a miniature Carmelo Anthony in the pics by the way. Yum!

  • Aniyaqt

    Ooooooooo no girl ^^^^^^Carmelo is cute, never did see all the fuss over TI but I like his music & y do TOYA look like PETER PAN????