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T.I. & Tiny Get Married In Miami Beach

Posted by Media Outrage on August 1st, 2010

Tiny’s years as a baby mama are now over – she is officially Mrs. Clifford Harris.  Congrats to the happy couple!.  Details…

TMZ has learned rapper T.I. got married earlier today — in a secret ceremony at a Miami Beach courthouse.

The 29-year-old superstar — real name Clifford Harris Jr. — swapped I Do’s with his longtime 35-year-old girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle.

  • Teena Thomas

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! Bout Time….. Guess TI had to get that last jump off before he said I DO>… Cute couple…

  • whos that lady sexy lady

    Cute Couple?!!!! quit playing aint but one out of the relationshipp cute and it aint Tiny. She sweet tho. Congrat to her tho for hooking that fine ass nigga i aint mad at all!! But u still ugly!!!

    • danibabygurl

      Let’s be honest Tiny was a cute girl b4 she started fucking with her lips

  • whos that lady sexy lady


  • danibabygurl

    Congrats to the couple. I think this union will actually last.

  • lio

    Sorry for your loss YISI….:)

  • Marie


  • MissTX

    It’s about damn time! They’re cute together. So congrats to them. I really hope they make it last.

  • LowRidaz

    I am happy for them, she is alright in my book ,and so is he! they look nice in that pic, people can say what they want, how they want to, when they want! the bottom line is that fine motherfucker love her and he made he his wife , and it dont matter how long it took, because he never left her , he love that woman!!!!! and she is blessed.

    • Ron S

      I gotta show love to lowRidaz, she is one of the women on here showing respect to people relationships instead of hating… that quality is rare…. why do so many people always have to be negative.. congrats to Tiny and T.I

      • SweetScorpio

        I second that Ron! It’s refreshing to see someone that not commenting on how “ugly” or how “it ain’t gonna last” but taking the positive route!

  • nopic

    I can’t believe what comes out of some of these people mouths! Ti and tiny are a beautiful couple, she is not ugly at all, and for those that think she is, look in the mirror, minus all ya hair weave and make up! Lol! God has blessed that man with something that half of y’all bitches will never be and that is a real woman. So to all ragedy, hatin ass bitches on here do me a favor: drop dem excuses and pick up a purpose! Stankin ass hoes