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Bouncer Slams Chick On Her Neck For Trying To Get In Club

Posted by Media Outrage on September 19th, 2010

Bouncers and PIGS (cops) have a real talent for taking shyte way too far!  Peep this bouncer donkey kong’in some jawn on her nizz-eck for trying to get in the club

  • LowRidaz

    Wow, that is crazy! i mean he was wrong for taking it to there and doing that, and had no right, but why on earth would she ignore the fact they cannot get in the damn club and just try to ignore NO, and go anyway. If they couldnt get in, be a lady about it and turn away, and go some damn where else. and at first she was telling her girl to relax, then she just decided i guess to take shit in her own hands and walk on in, and got slammed, her kneck hit that cement stopper there, he could of caused her to break her neck on that and die, im sure her shit was sore the next day. and I hope she pressed charges.

  • MissTX

    That’s some bullshit! Big as he is all he had to do was just pull her back. That other shit was not call for. He had to have done it for show for all them fuck n*ggas that were standing around but didn’t bother to tag HIS ass for manhandling that woman like that.

  • Felicia

    He was wrong for that, and was ready to put hands on her again if he had to.