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50 Cent Is Definitely Swimming All Up In Chelsea Handler’s Little Creamy CAKES

Posted by Media Outrage on October 6th, 2010

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler are definitely playing an extended version of pelvis tag.  Peep game

They were spotted flirting with each other while out in New Orleans over the weekend, and now it has been confirmed that Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent are dating.

According to an inside source, the “Chelsea Lately” hostess and the “In Da Club” rapper are keeping things casual, but they’re definitely together.

The snitch told press, “It’s been going on [for] awhile. It’s more of a hookup thing- whenever they are in the same town.”

A rep for 50 Cent declined to comment, while Handler’s peeps stated, “She saves all her comments for her own show.”



Mediaoutrage- Yep he’s smashing them cakes to smitherines.

  • Dickwell Thrust

    Man I knew she was into Black Wood. She is one of those S. Jersey chicks.

    I guarantee that every Broad on Jersey shore wish one of those Gel-Head faggot dudes was a trap nigga from Newark or Trenton.

    • Cut Up

      No F%$kin Doubt!!

  • dr

    Yeah they do.

  • Chi_town

    Well she wanted the black dick and now she has it this chick has a thing for rappers I see.

  • BrittBrattNYC

    Yuck @ Creamy cakes.