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Yung Berg’s Baby Mama Puts Him On Blast For Being a Dead Beat Father To His 7-Yr-Old Autistic Son

Posted by Media Outrage on October 15th, 2010

Yung Berg is not only a LAME rapper who gets smacked around by other n*ggas like a Vegas prostitute, but he’s also a LAME father who doesn’t take care of his responsibility.

SMH.  Peep game

  • jamie starr


    • grandplaya


      The Yung Berg Batman Diamond encrusted piece alledgedly chain jakked by UK Rapper ROWDY-T NORTHLONDON. Has become one of the most talked about celebrity conversations, from new york/miami/caliornia to Rowdy-T Northlondon’s; London origin T-Town (Tottenham North London UK) and also hails from South Florida and associated with Big Boyz Music Group.
      The incident was said to have taken place at Cameo’s nite club in Miami, Florida. Sources have said that an incident took place between the Yung Berg and Rowdy-T Northlondon in the presence of Yung Bergs personal security team. As a result it is believed that Yung berg was chain-jakked singlehandedly by Rowdy-T Northlondon without regards for yung Bergs security.
      Rowdy-T Northlondon has submitted several videos on “YOUTUBE” with the Batman Diamond ecrusted piece engraved name of Yung Berg on the back. Rowdy-T Northlondon’s last video told youtube viewers that Batman will be talking a tour of Europe and will end up in London UK , whilst opening up a London Map book and Pointing to where Batman will end up “In the Batcave” we can all speculate it will be in Tottenham, North london.
      The video below shows Broadwaterfarm is the only place in North London where a Batcave could exist undetected amongst these hoods.

  • Dickwell Thrust

    First off What the Fuck is a Burg?!?!

    Secondly, Why on God’s Green Earth is he even spoken about? The niggas skillz are the square root of ASS!

    I hated his guts before but this is why some people dont need to be rappers because his wackness he calls a personal life is spilled all over the internet. From the bitch slappings to not paying child support.

    He is definitely in need of some Eddie Long Justice up his azz!

  • BrittBrattNYC

    She’s a lame-o and he’s a lame-o.

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