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Damn Luda’s Jawn Is A BANGER

Posted by Media Outrage on January 13th, 2011

Ludacris is walking around with one of the baddest jawns that’s not in the game. Damn she’s a banger! The couple attended the LA premiere of “No Strings Attached” at the Regency Village Theatre looking extremely happy. Fellas she’s a banger right?

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Every man should want some moderate thickness in his life.

  • who’s that lady sexy lady

    im glad he has a decent woman. not some random ass video hooker with a fat ass. if Luda for some reason falls off (hope he doesn’t) at least he got a girl who’s go have her OWN money and will be able to help him out a little if he does fall off. him and Jay Z were very smart when they chose their women.

    • Mr. 13in

      …but doesn’t she look like a video vix?

      What makes this special anyway? A weave and surgical procedures…WTF? She looks like everyone else, that is being paraded by the rapper of the moment. Yes, she is cute, but I’m certain that there are women on this blog that can compete. God knows he wouldn’t have a shot if he wasn’t Luda.

      Just sayin’.

      • Media Outrage

        LMAO @ God knows he wouldn’t have a shot if he wasn’t Luda.

      • who’s that lady sexy lady

        there’s nothing super special bout her looks, thats not what i said. i said he has a good woman. she’s in med school working to have her own shit. yea she could pass for a video hooker but she’s NOT! It’s some video hookers look better than her but they ain’t bout sh!t. i stand by what i said he has nice woman. should he get a ugly chick with nothing going for herself? you wouldn’t, you don’t want a ugly chick now. she’s a young black woman in med school i don’t care how she looks, that’s whats up. looks good and has something going for herself. so whats the problem?

        and how many rappers, NFL Players, and NBA Players would have the chicks they have if it wasn’t for success. im betting on hardly any. so you know it is what it is. Go Luda!

  • #Based

    Heard she in med school… WIN for LUDA!!!

  • MissTX

    She’s pretty.

  • itsurboi

    *In my R.Kelly voice* She’s a winner, She’s a winner, She’s a WINNN-NER She’s a winner in my book. But I don’t know about her not gettin with Luda if he wasn’t Luda, cuz those med school chicks be weird but fine hell and since they’ll be buried in books all the time, they get over-looked. Truth be told some the baddest chicks is in health care.