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David Banner Breaks Down The Illuminati

Posted by Media Outrage on January 20th, 2011

David Banner spoke to AllHipHop about the illuminati and it’s alleged influence on black artists.

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The presumed relationship between Hip-Hop and the shadowy secret society known as the Illuminati is one that never ceases to illicit a conversation from the rational and the conspiracy theorist alike. got the views and opinions of David Banner and 9th Wonder, both of which have worked with acts allegedly affiliated with the Illuminati. Read the conversation, for it also acts as a challenge to those that make such claim on African American artist.
I wanted to ask you a question, switch into a little bit of different question.  I was going back on Twitter a little bit a go, and we were asking about The Illuminati  and some of us were asking if that was an extension of Willie Lynch, a plant for Black people to tear each other down.  The latest I heard from the theorists is that Willow Smith is in the Illuminati  now… I’m like “Ok…wow…”

9th Wonder: Listen man, listen man, listen man…

David Banner: Can I… Can I answer this one man, and then I will let 9th answer this one. As far as Black folks and the f**kin’ Illuminati … that’s some bulls**t.  The Illuminati has always existed and now since it’s become trendy, because people started talking about it with Jay-Z, they want to talk about Black folks in the Illuminati .  Black folks who are in the Illuminati don’t have no mutha f**kin’ power.  Black folks truly in the Illuminati are in the ground stages and they are gatekeepers.  They don’t know anything.  You want to talk about people in the Illuminati talk about white folks!  The truth is, most Black people that talk s**t are scared of white folks in power.  You want to talk about Illuminati, and you don’t talk about white folks! You are a f**kin’ coward.

9th Wonder: Real talk…

David Banner:
I’m sick of that s**t, tell all these Internet ass n***as talkin’ bout the Illuminati to talk about white folks with power! But if they know it they talk about white folks with power they electricity will go off. n***as on the Internet are f**king cowards! If you gonna talk about the Illuminati, don’t break down black men, break down the mutha f**kas that started that s**t… That enslaved your mother and your father and your grandmother.  I’m so sick of n***as and all that bulls**t talk.

9th Wonder: Haha he ain’t lying…

David Banner: I’m so sick of n***as and all that bulls**t talk.  You gonna talk about the Illuminati, research the Illuminati and you show me one f**king president that wasn’t a part of it.  But you won’t talk about them!  n***as is cowards!  I don’t wanna hear that s**t.  Keep yo’ mutha f**kin’ DVD n***a. That’s the whole David Banner… (laughs)

David Banner:
I’m sorry 9th Wonder.  (laughs)

9th Wonder: It’s all good man. You beat me to it man.  Just like you said with Willie Lynch, it’s just a way to make people, they will do anything to turn Black people against each other.  They’ll really do anything man.  They will really do anything. They make Jay and Beyonce, this that and the third, to make them look like they are in the Illuminati. Half of the people at home, sitting there looking at the internet and at the DVD’s don’t even know what Illuminati really is.  They have no idea man.  If you really want to research what is going on, its all on the internet. You can really research whats going on, but don’t talk about Jay-Z and Beyonce, blah, blah, blah, this and that, lets talk about all the drugs getting pumped into our country, we don’t own no boats, who you think is running that?

Trust me this country is full of problems and all these world problems have less to do with a Black person and more to do with someone else.  But they don’t want to talk about that because their power will go off.  So cats is still just on that Jay-Z Illuminati instead of looking at the real problem.  They think Jay-Z is the problem and then go to work the next day and don’t look at their boss man. But that’s crazy man.  Like I don’t understand it.  They need to find something else to talk about, I get that question a lot because I worked with Jay on the Black Album.  So a lot of cats ask me that.  Come on man, I know y’all got more stuff to worry about than asking me that dumb stuff.

David Banner:
And 9th… if he is… He ain’t calling no shots.  Like if we really…

9th Wonder: Right…

David Banner: If we really gonna talk about it. I’m cutting the head off. I ain’t dealing with no minions brother. Right, right, right…

David Banner:
And…. Well… No I ain’t event going to get into that.  Then Black folks will sure enough get mad. What?

David Banner: Nah man I think I’m gonna keep this one to myself.  I’m learning more and more everyday that everything ain’t for everybody. But n***a’s sit around and talk that s**t, and sit around among a group of ourselves in secret societies every motha f**kin’ day.

The thing with Death of a Pop Star, it’s about the truth, its about the soul, about not cutting corners, it’s about our kids.  I’m not running away from that man.  I saw a DVD about Mary Mary.  They were trying to say Mary was in the Illuminati, I know them girls.  That’s some bulls**t.  Them girls don’t praise nothing but God. Man that made me so mad man.  When real stuff happens like oil or Katrina, I don’t see them same people fighting and standing up for that. When a little girl gets molested in the hood, or in Oakland when that boy got shot by the cops, I don’t see them folks standing up.


Mediaoutrage- Interesting and very well said. Your thoughts?

  • Atlantaaaaa

    I think that it was very well said myself but David Banner needs to go and find himself. He does not know if he wants to be a gangsta rapper or a story teller.

  • who’s that lady sexy lady

    i have no thoughts to this. don’t believe in the illuminati. my computer don’t even think its a word it has a red line under it right now as i type. if there is an illuminati who gives a damn. they ain’t GOD! He’s the ONLY ONE with the TRUE power, not a bunch of humans, and like David said black folks don’t have power if it is. if its a such thing as illuminati they go have to bow down to GOD on judgement day just like everybody else so be gone with the bull crap people. pick up a book(hope it’s the Bible) and stay off the internet with the BS!

  • http://mediaoutrage Chynaman

    Banner keeps it real, i’ve always liked him. Black folks always get outraged and ready to fight about stuff that either dont matter or they cant control and then sit in silence as we destroy our communities and put less and less value on education. I hate that about us. On another note the illuminati is certainly real, a little research and you can trace their history much easier than some of the other tales we’ve been told.

    • http://mediaoutrage Chynaman

      the last president who wasnt a member of the illuminati was JFK. On april 27 1961 he said “Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind. We need men who can dream of things that never were. Forgive your enemies but never forget their names. the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we as a people are inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceddings”. Of course their is much more but its a great speech, it was the first time he let it be known where he stood in regards to illuminati and similar groups. it was also the beginning of his end, many call it “The speech that killed Kennedy”

      • Still Trippin’

        Chynaman, I didn’t read what Banner said(not enough time), but, I do know that you are spittin’ truth about JFK. People think JFK got killed because he backed MLK and others during the Civil Rights Movement and that’s a bunch of bullshit. Kennedy was a President for all people.

        One minute, in the right spot of “The speech that got his ass killed”, will shut up a lot of naysayers. Kennedy told the world that Illuminati, has ran past Presidency’s……..and at this time, expect him to give in…..and will most definitely in the future…… run the Presidency and the world.

        I do believe that a lot of black folks don’t know enough history to put some of this sh*t together because a lot was happening during times we were denied education or it was scarce. Back then, it was more important just to learn how to read, nonetheless, figure out what those mutha f*ckers were doing. Now, we are able to be enlightened.

        It would be GREAT for blacks to pull together and take better care of our communities, knowing such. However, as stated earlier (by Who’s That Sexy Lady, thanks), we all will have a day of judgement. Moreover, Illuminati can be traced back to Lucifer and God’s “chosen” people (censorship). Lucifer was able to infiltrate the elect. Because of that, now, all who want to believe, are invited.

        P.S. To anybody who wanna get at me, because of what I said,… careful. It’s good to know who you’re steppin’ to. I don’t believe I met anybody personally, here yet.

        • Chynaman

          I co-sign everything you said Still Trippin’

        • Still Trippin’

          President Woodrow Wilson was used like a puppet at the end of World War I. Germany were grand demonstrators for Illuminati and followed orders precisely. They were the first to HAVE and USE chemical warfare. Go figure.

          Pay close attention to the actions of our Presidents who served more than one term and also, to those history books did not favor. Usually they served only one term. Woodrow began something all nations coveted and sought after. However, in the beginning, it was only for non-ethnic nations. Go figure. It was without ultimate power without the West (US).(Woodrow did become gravely ill from a type of bird flu (influenza) and stroke near the end of his term)(He was not fit to serve again. This lead to his death)(This flu killed millions of people during World War I, go figure, again)

          It was give and take with a few of the Presidents through history. Now, it’s impossible to be a President, and not be a part of it (Kennedy).

          A few months with access to a “choice” spot in Switzerland will blow your mind. Or, at least be able to stake out and see our world leaders come and go. Puppets!

        • Chynaman

          Damn sista you on yo shit! Its beautiful to see, aint many of us left….

  • Dickwell Thrust

    OK, Here goes. Most people, Black or White dont know the Illuminati From a fucking Maserati! People just want to say there is a boogeyman just to say it. And as African Americans we Really dont know what it is so David is right.

  • 2020VIZN

    No comment..(bites fingernails)…………..I said no fuckin comment, SHIT!!!!!!!…

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  • shalon32

    He is right nobody talks about the white people, oh but they do exist if they didn’t then somebody should have told George Washington, he wrote over 20 letters about them available on line at the library of congress. I mean really what is David gonna say yeah jay is one?

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  • cassandra

    Whatever then y couldnt anyone explain all the hand signals and why the videos dont go with the songs ..n all the hidden messages …dang people wake up!!! Dont believe david i mean come on beyonce had the bapoment or watever it is on her chest ..dont be loss turn to god ..dont listen to that music it does nothing good for the soul i dont listen to mary mary they music to wordly they shouldnt even be at a beyonce concert …i dont listen to all preachers cause they are not all called n dont speak the truth …once u become save god will open your eyes to alot of things n people a friend of the world is not a friend of god thats y i dont listen to rap n all that or go to clubs u all need to think about ur soul rap teach u that ur darkskin sister n mama not good enough get some money n so call upgrade to a white lady y david didnt talk about that ..uggh let me go i dont know how i ended up on here anyway bout to go pray for this world n my kids..that they stay strong from demons n make it to heaven tommorow might not be here for some of u reading this turn to god pray read ur bible repent put down the weed n cup please…

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  • Marinda Bendzus

    I usually do not comment, however after reading through a lot of remarks on Media Outrage » Blog Archive » David Banner Breaks Down The Illuminati. I do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be just me or do a few of these remarks appear like they are coming from brain dead people? :-P And, if you are writing on additional online social sites, I would like to keep up with anything new you have to post. Would you make a list of all of all your public pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

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  • sem calcinha

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  • aaliyah

    Honestly this is some bullshit . I Actually believe in god and I also believe that they are people out there (not only the music industry) that worship satan . But I also feel that if the illuminati didnt exist why did all these celebrities die from young age during the years? How come tupac and biggie died? Why is it that all of the lyrics in certain rappers songs go against god? You guys think that its not true but this is last question I am going through out If it wasnt true then how david banner isnt making any hits now? This might be an old post but you guys really need to pay more attention to the propaganda these rappers, singers , actors/actresses, models, and directors are throwing out in these videos, movies , and magazines.

  • me

    Illuminati means the enlightened obe which dates to the bible when solomon was building a temple and called forth spirits to help the workers build it. And the spirits would whisper secrets to these workers, secrets mankind couldnt handle and had never been heard before. These secrets enlightened them and they went from knights of templar to (something else i forget the name) to what they are known as now, the enlightened ones…or in other words the illuminati

  • SMDH

    What’s understood don’t need to be explained. With this being said the Illuminati does exist. It’s for those who are weak, followers and have a greed for money. Monkey see, Monkey do.

    Majority of the minority are in need of money and will do by means anything necessary. This cult was started by white and as usual glorified with another race, why? Because we will do anything for money and when a black woman or man is told to tell someone else what
    to do whether, good or bad. They feel they are doing something and because they are awarded for stupidity. They continue to do whats told or stand in the streets and look like Deers caught in headlights.

  • Alize

    That was very well said and so true. There are plenty of black kids that need positive role models. Track down the one’s who want us killing each other. We are right where they want us. So many of us need to open our eyes.

  • sweet t

    Wether or not Jay & them are illuminati is debatable. but just because people are trying to learn about illuminatus in hip hop doesn’t mean they’re not learning about the rothschilds as well. this makes me look at David banner as suspect. When you research a topic you study ALL aspects. Anyone can see that mainstream hip hop crams sex, money, drugs, & blasphemy down our throats daily. that doesn’t mean there is not a white man behind it, however that doesn’t negate the responsibility of the artist for perpetuating these evils. if you blame the white man for everything & never take responsibility for self you will never progress. now I feel him on what he was saying to a certain level. the white race has a long history or deciet, oppression, murder, ect.. I’m just saying any person with an open heart & mind, that’s realistic, can see that there is good people & bad people of all races religions & creeds. in this day & age we all need to unite in order to fix this mess of a evil greedy world we’re living in or else the HUMAN race will not make it. and that starts with taking personal responsibility & accountability.

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