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Tyler Perry & His Model Girlfriend Hit Up Gala In NYC

Posted by Media Outrage on April 5th, 2011

Tyler Perry and his model girlfriend Gelila Bekele hit up the 2nd Annual Steve Harvey Foundation Gala in NYC at Cipriani on Wall Street last night. Do they make a nice looking couple MO?

Plenty more pics of plenty more familiar faces




  • http://mediaoutrage Chynaman

    Tyler Perry and his model girlfriend…………… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cut it out MO, April fools day is over!

    • Lai Lani


      • Rafiq

        Tyler Purrry look sweeter than a cannabis browne,Angela Simmons looks great,Burnedette Stanis looks good. Tell Steve Harvey that there is a horse running around here gumming hay because he decided to borrow the horses teeth.

  • Michaelodo


  • LowRidaz

    who is the man that LA Reid is with?

    • Lai Lani


    • BrittBrattisFABULOUS!

      “It” does look like a man. LOL

  • Dickwell thrust

    If that is his girlfriend then Im J. Edgar Hoover!!!!

    Tyler Perry wouldnt know what pussy looked like even if he had OBGYN tattooed on his ass!!!!

  • MissTX

    She’s pretty.

    • Yvonne

      Yes she is.

      If Tyler Perry is gay why don’t he just come out and be up front about it. It’s not like men/women are trying to hide it anymore.

      The dress Angela Simmons is wearing is too ill-fitting. What should have made her look glamorous is making her look ridiculous.

      Bernadette still looking good.

      On the close up pic of Steve’s wife, her eye color makes me think of Hoopz, IMO.

  • Atlanta

    Tyler will hide it forever since it was the church crowd who made him rich and famous. He took the first step by going on Oprah revealing that he was molested as a child. Gays always do that first.

  • Tony180a

    Hmmm thats suspect. On the other hand, if anyone can turn him..she can. Ethiopian and Eritrean women are the most beautiful women in the world!! She brings back memories of time I’ve spent in Asmara and Addis Ababa.

  • joneblaze

    model girlfriend?!?! More like paid escort beard!!!
    Bernedette Stanis must visit the fountain of youth daily..STILL SEXY and beautiful

  • Keith Reed

    Tyler Perry seems 2 have found that girl (if that’s what it is) mighty fast!

    Can’t wait 2 see Madea in the 23rd century! Maybe Martin Lawrence will star in it and make it a double feature with Big Mama. LMFAO!!!

    Glad 2 see Bernadette Stanis. Still sexy as always!!

  • sheila

    i think tyler is straight and very very in love with young 26 year old gelila bekele. he is sooo smitten by his first model super thin girlfriend and would never let her go he needs her after all he has been through he needs a young thin thing by his side. the fact that she is young enough to be his daughter (16 year gap) is o.k as long as he is happy. they make a nice couple. but i think tyler thinks he is doing gelila and himself a favor by hiding their relationship but they are not they should just come out and love each other media frenzy or not. by hiding the relationship people will just continue to think he is gay, why hide someone you claim to love? makes no sense. shame gelila if my man was hiding me and only showed up with me at specific major events for “show” i would also be worried. guys i think its time yall stopped hiding and celebrate your relationship for the world to see because you yall love each other.

    • joyce

      I agree if you are with her then just say it but to me he does not look happy picture says a whole lot more than your mouth could ever say I feel as though personally she is too young if she is with him it is to boost her career but its not happening that way I have seen Ty in other pictures with other women and other people and he is way more happier than he is when he is with her it is beginning to seem like it is more of a convenience more than love and you are right if you truly love this person you wouldn’t care what anybody had to say about it you would let the world know about it… hell he tells everything else why hide this?

  • http://n/ toccara

    Tyler Perry is gay. End of discussion.

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