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“Waiting To Exhale” Sequel Hitting Theaters Next Year

Posted by Media Outrage on April 20th, 2011

It’s almost been 20 years since Terry McMillan’s hit film “Waiting To Exhale” hit theaters everywhere and caused men to label the film a total man-bashing story.

Well it’s back

*”Waiting to Exhale” fans, get ready for another phenomenal blow-out flick of the follow-up to the first grown-n-sexy story.

Terry McMillan, author of the original 1992 novel and film featuring the ladies’ favorite group of girls, Whitney, Angela, Loretta, and Lela, announced that “Getting to Happy” is next on the line of tear jerking, drama spewing, on screen “sista-friend” chick flicks.

The plot follows Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, and Gloria as they attempt to bring balance to love and life and finally find their true happiness.

McMillan teased on Twitter that she’s just about finished with the theater version of the film and should be up on the big screen some time next year.

When we spoke with Loretta Devine and Angela Bassett at the press junket for “Jumping the Broom,” they confirmed their involvement in the new production.





  • who’s that lady sexy lady

    YAY! :)

  • Str8up

    I look forward to it.

  • BrittBrattisFABULOUS!

    You mean to tell after all those years that four characters couldn’t find love?

    • Str8up

      Gloria fell in love with the neighbor and Bernadine may have finally gotten with that lawyer she met. I would hope that is what will be continued. I’d like to see how things turned out for Savannah and Robin too.

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