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WTF!?!: 12 Yr Old Student Duct Taped To Chair And Beaten By Classmates While Teacher Watches

Posted by Media Outrage on May 20th, 2011

This is insane. A 12 year old Dallas student was duct taped to a chair by his classmates and beaten right in front of the teacher who did absolutely nothing:

A 12-year-old Dallas student was bound to a chair with duct tape and beaten by four classmates as a substitute teacher stood and ignored the attack, according to the victim’s mom.

The Dallas school district is investigating the charges made by Keneshia Richardson, who claims the attackers wrapped tape around her son’s mouth to keep him from shouting.

“It was uncalled for,” Richardson told The Dallas Morning News, adding her son had trouble breathing.

The woman said his hands were taped to the chair, he was wrapped with a telephone cord, and the attackers knocked him to the ground. The boy’s shirt was torn as well, she claimed.

The Monday attack remained under investigation Thursday, although disciplinary action is pending against the students and the substitute.

The teacher was additionally removed from the list of approved district substitutes, said Dallas Independent School District spokesman John Dahlander.

Richardson said her son was apparently targeted because he’s in remedial classes, although Dahlander said school officials had heard a different version of the story.

“That’s not quite the way that the incident has been described,” Dahlander said. “In any event, it is under investigation.”

But Richardson said the teacher never intervened – and her son was finally rescued by a girl in his class who scared the attackers away.


Mediaoutrage- What kind of sick shyte is that?

  • Truly23

    o lawd!!!! i would be in jail!!! if something like that happened to my soon to be 12yr old, MO ,you would be reading how i beat the hell out of a lot of people. because i would go on the hunt, find all their lil asses duct tape them one by one and beat the hell out of them see how they like it. the teacher, hell i dont think his ass would survive…

    • LowRidaz

      for real! that is some insane shit, that teacher need to be fired! on top of her ass whipped!

  • BrittBrattIsLivingStrong

    A girl was more braver than a punk-ass substitute…then again the teacher could have been really scared. But shoulda contact help.

  • FromThaHip

    I would have lost my damn mind on all them mf’s.

  • sem calcinha

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