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50 Cent Resurrects The Same CURL That Left Spots On The Couch In “Coming II America”

Posted by Media Outrage on June 15th, 2011

50 Cent’s image just took a turn for the worse, either that or he’s trying to resurrect the same jheri curl that left spots on the couch in Coming II America. SMH.

50 was in Aruba promoting “Things Fall Apart” during their international film festival. Ladies you feelin’ Curtis’ new look? Don’t front like you wouldn’t run your hands through it lol.

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  • d. smith

    lol he got that ‘luther vandross’ swag hahahahahahahah!!!!

  • C.Rawlstein

    follow the drip follow the drip!!! 50 idk some styles should stay in the pass..besides the Curl is what put black men to the back an made light skin men popular

    • who’s that lady says: GO MAVS!

      LMAO I was just about to give that follow the drip line. Funniest curl joke ever. 50 had to know he was go be the butt of everyone jokes with this here. He just lost 50 cool points from me.

  • Dickwell Thrust

    This nigga looks like Bruce Leroy from the Last Dragon! But dont front ladies you wouldnt want to run your fingers through all that grease?! lol

  • taten24

    UuuuuuuMaRaMa NO…this is NOT a good look, it’s a Man Down situation (Frankie Keisha Cole mama’s voice) SMH….He Best STAY AWAY FROM LIGHTERS or anyone LIGHTING A MATCH or his ass will CRISPY…..

  • Still Trippin

    He knows that this look is fucked up. Maybe he’s about to release a new album. Reminds me of Eddie “don’t drop the soap” Long. The grease is oozing down his face like saliva on a hungry dog. This shyt is in no way cute on him. The only way I’d run my hands through that shyt is to fry chicken.

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  • lola

    WTF. I am upset that his stylist didn’t cut those ends. Too many fly aways.

  • FromThaHip

    ROFL!!! That’s why his forehead is shiny…all that activator beading up and rolling down like sweat.

  • Still Trippin

    If you look at the 4th picture coming down, you can see a drop of activator on his coat sleeve. Follow the drip, MO. Follow the drip. Yall should’ve gotten a shot of his back. I know it’s greasy. Activator don’t play that shyt. They want the whole world to know that they’re on your head.