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Dallas Cowboys’ Roy Williams Wants $76,000 Engagement Ring Back After Girlfriend Turns Down His Proposal

Posted by Media Outrage on July 7th, 2011

This story has to be plenty embarrassing for poor ol’ Roy…

Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams is going to court to get back the $76,000 engagement ring he gave to a former beauty pageant winner.

In February, Williams proposed to his girlfriend, Brooke Daniels. When she turned him down, Daniels didn’t return the ring. According to Williams’ affidavit that was filed in a Texas court last week, he asked for the ring back but was told by Daniels that she had lost it. An insurance investigation later revealed that Daniels’ father was in possession of the ring.

Michael Daniels told the Odessa American that his daughter will return the ring to avoid the lawsuit even though he says he has documentation saying Williams told her to keep it.

Pretty standard stuff, right? Minus the price tag, this is a dispute that probably happens every day in the United States. Except it’s not because most people don’t propose the way Roy Williams did.

From the Odessa American:

Williams has declined to comment for the story, but in an affidavit signed by Williams, he claims he sent $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for Daniels’ brother and — as a surprise — a recorded marriage proposal with the ring through the mail just before Valentine’s Day to Daniels. However, when Daniels declined the proposal, she did not return the ring.

He recorded a marriage proposal and then sent the ring through the mail? Unless you’re a soldier stationed overseas, that’s just about the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. If you proposed through the mail, wouldn’t you not want other people to hear that? I’d consider eating the $76,000 just so I didn’t have to tell anyone.

It’s a shame Daniels is giving the ring back and avoiding trial because we may have learned the specifics of how Williams went about this process. Was it a video proposal? Did he record it in song form? And how did she reject him, with a return receipt?


Mediaoutrage- We know he won’t issue statement because that’s just plain ol’ embarrassing to get turned down. Buy why propose in the mail? SMH





  • LowRidaz

    Mediaoutrage- We know he won’t issue statement because that’s just plain ol’ embarrassing to get turned down. Buy why propose in the mail? SMH

    MO fuck how he did it.. that fool was stupid!!! LMAOOO (((over here fucking dying)) she got all she wanted out of his dumb fucking silly retarded slow lookin ass, and kept it moving, and she kept the ring , cause its worth money, god knows what else he sent her and her family, she didnt want his dumb black ass anyhow, i smelled that from reading! stupid mofo’s i swear, always want a white bitch on their arm, only to get played by the biggest gold diggers on earth, lololol im still LMAOOOOO i wish i can see him so i can LMAOOO in his face!!!!

    • Miss D

      Oops! sorry, that’s what he gets. All white women are not into black athletics. He’s an idiot!

  • LowRidaz

    he proposed thru the mail, she probably never had intentions on being with him long, probably didnt really want dude, he rushed all excited to have a snow ball in his life, LOLOOL and proposed FEDEX, lol and got shot down!! dumb ass, i cant get enough of saying how stupid he was…. he probably aint no shit about her .

  • taten24

    OL GOOOOOFFFY Ass!!!!!!

  • mAc

    this nigga just look stupid

  • http://yahoo Miss “”L””

    Hey my sisters, I don’t know about yall but I love it. I love it when a white women spit in a brothers face his face already look like somebody took a shit in it. She didn’t want him because she didn’t even stick around to be properly paid like most of them do then leave. Roy didn’t count on this play. He was playing way out of his league this time. Brooke was playing with Mr. Daniels on her team her dad which also happens to be her pimp their plan was to take him to the cleaners without having to do the hard work such as her marrying him and putting out a few of those mixed black children that they didn’t won’t around. They didn’t want to ruin her chance to go back to a white man so they just decided to take the money and run. Hey sisters also this is the same reason black men claim they can’t deal with us because of our attitudes and we are gold diggers well I wonder why they love white women so much then because this sounds like a gold digger to me. He sent a ring a signed baseball and $5000 for dental bills for her. What did she do break a few teeth sucking his dick? Or knock a few out. Hey when its all said and done all race of women are a problem not just black. The only difference between the two is that most of the time a black women come off more needy but white women are just as greedy. She just go about her needs in a different manner than most black women do. Nine times out of ten the white women has had a good example in her life for a man her father and a black women has not had that example. Most of us don’t know what its like to be spoiled and pampered by that first love in our life which should be dad. So we look towards our men to fill that void so we come off very needy and greedy. But most of them has had that weather it comes from dad an uncle or step dad or even the man she chooses at one point or another. Usually a white women has had a real man figure in her life at some point and time. And that’s makes a big difference between the two.

    • LowRidaz

      god why did reading that make me sad , lol I thank god my dad was a strong , great influence in my life, both parents still together and going strong, and hold a strong hand over the family, I love my daddy!! no one will ever take the place of filling his shoes, NO ONE!

    • http://yahoo Vonda

      I totally agree.

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