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20 Years Later After One Of The Worst Beatings Ever Caught On Somebody’s Video Camera He’s Still F**king Up

Posted by Media Outrage on July 13th, 2011

Rodney King just doesn’t get enough of run-ins with the LAW. Here is a mug shot from yesterday’s arrest. Yes YESTERDAY! SMH

TMZ has obtained the mug shot for Rodney King – taken moments after he was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

As we previously reported, Rodney was pulled over in Moreno, CA earlier this afternoon — after policeobserved him committing “multiple infractions” in his 1993 Mitsubishi.

Cops transported him to a nearby Riverside Sheriff’s station soon after — where King was eventually booked and arrested on suspicion of DUI.

So far, no word on what cops believe King was under the influence of.



Mediaoutrage- One would think after such a terrible whoopin’ from some racists cops that you wouldn’t ever want to see the inside of a police station again in this lifetime.




  • LowRidaz

    Well maybe he got brain damage from that beating, cause that is the only thing i can think of for this fool to keep gettin in shit, he looks horrible, like he on drugs! didnt he sue and get big money?? what the fuck did he do with all that money, buy drugs?!! he looks like a crackhead

  • Chynaman

    I know this fool had a flashback like a vietnam vet! Bet he was polite as hell to the officers YES SIR NO SIR and all that.

  • Still Trippin

    Ha ha ha. I knew it was his ass when I read the title on the home page.