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Them Thangs Look Mighty Big

Posted by Media Outrage on October 3rd, 2011

Oh and MO readers we’re not talking about the dogs. Mariah Carey Tweeted this pic of her taking a bunch of dogs for a walk. Those things up top are looking nice and plump as usual.

  • Lola

    Yuck. She looks old as hell.

    • http://yahoo Vonda

      Well she is forty something and having babies changes your looks.And I’m sure she is not wearing makeup just to walk dogs. I wouldn’t.

      • LowRidaz

        she looks fine! i seen some young ones in their early 20s have babies and look worse , fat, out of shape, neck has 3 rolls of dark fat on it, face all spotted up just completely changed from having a baby, some got big ass guts and no ass, neck all black. and some pregnancy did them justice, where they were fucked up before they now have ass, tits and skin clearer, so pregnancy affects each woman different, Mariah looks fine for her age and having babies.. god bless her!

        look at halle berry, she looks flawless after having a baby, puttin these young bitches to shame.

  • joneblaze

    They were big before but now those juggs are milk filled!!!!