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The Trailer For Denzel’s New Film “Safe House”

Posted by Media Outrage on November 7th, 2011

Denzel Washington is the best actor on Earth period and has been for the past 16 years or so and now he’s back with a new action packed suspense thriller entitled “Safe House.”

Peep the trailer ya’ll!

  • LowRidaz

    Man this dude be making some awesome movies, i love everything he has made and cannot wait to see this one. the best!!

  • who’s that lady sexy lady

    Don’t have to watch the trailer. Already know I will be watching. I watch every movie he’s in. I love me some Denzel. He never fails. I know he making that MONEY!

  • BrittBrattisSimplyWonderful.

    Let me guess he plays a cop or some law enforcement guy. :-|