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What Part Of The Game Is This??? Kobe’s Extra-Marital Affairs Put On Blast By His Own Teammates!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on December 19th, 2011


Wait, what?!? Kobe Bryant’s marriage is about to be a thing of the past and it might all be due to the fact that his teammates had loose lips.

Peep game


A secret underground society of trained spies is responsible for feeding intel toVanessa Bryant that eventually led to her filing for divorce from hubby Kobe Bryant – not the CIA or FBI … but the basketball wives of the NBA.

Our sources says Kobe’s teammates were blabbing to their women about the superstar’s exploits … and those women in turn gave Vanessa the head’s up.  We’re told talk of Kobe’s exploits lately increased in frequency.

According to our sources, the players often swear their wives to secrecy before dishing on their fellow ballers … but that secrecy is rarely kept. We’re told the women all share information about other guys around the league … in part to ensure word will get back to them if their man ever steps out.

As TMZ first reported, Vanessa filed divorce papers on Friday, after Vanessa learned of what she says is an act of infidelity that became the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mediaoutrage- SMH @ dudes breaking the man codes.



  • LowRidaz

    Mediaoutrage- SMH @ dudes breaking the man codes.. and its even worse because its the wives that told, they try to be honest and let their wives in on what is happening, but bitches run off at the mouth like a bunch of hens, but.. then the guys shouldnt be so quick to tell, you dont wanna get caught keep your fucking mouth shut, half of women cant hold secrets anyhow, especially one that may hold jealousy. be glad to run tell dat! i bet they all got a story to tell, just hasnt reached them yet.

    • LowRidaz

      i bet all them that ran and told, their husbands are doing the same thing, just hasnt leaked yet. and the men probably told their wives to take the heat off their cheating asses. they prolly doing the same kobe doing .. CHEATING!

  • who’s that lady sexy lady


  • Yvonne

    There is no honor among most men anymore. The “code” and a “handshake is my word” went out the window a long time ago and besides it was the men who told their wives.

    One of his teammates might have been jealous of Kobe or wanted to get back at him for whatever reason and told their wife knowing she would make sure it got back to Vanessa.

  • fame

    c’mon man .. ain’t no code w/ Kobe .. his teammates didn’t trust him after the whole Shaq situation .. he was probably the only dummy in the locker room talking about jump-offs .. just grinnin .. bet he won’t be grinnin after she take half his bread #iDIOT

    • mac


  • taten24

    Vanessa didn’t leave Kobe when he stuck his D!ck up that whites girls Ass in Colorado… with NO condom l might add, so l wonder what the hell he he did this time

  • JN

    That must be the part of the game where you wear your wife/gf’s panties. F’n snitches!

  • jeff

    Kobe brought this on himself. He snitched on Shaq years ago and now it’s coming back on him. Not condoning what Shaqq did, but it’s best to keep YOUR mouth shut criticizing other people when you’re doing the EXACT SAME THING…

    Mofo’s who act all high & mighty in public, yet do the very thing they “appear” to hate in private make me SICK.

    Real talk.

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