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Oprah’s Interview With Bobbi Kristina, Patricia & Gary Houston

Posted by Media Outrage on March 12th, 2012

Last night OWN debuted Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Bobbi Kristina, Patricia  and Gary Houston. This was the first time any of the family members had spoken with the media since Whitney’s death.

Watch for yourself

  • LowRidaz

    I know people die every day all day, but certain ones just touch your soul, like this one here, touches me deepest inner soul, something about whitney dieing just sticks with me, my heart shatters everytime i hear her music, cannot listen. and watching this and seeing her brother sing and break down, just open the streams for me. and seeing her daughter, oh lord have mercy, so touching. so touching.

    • Jayne’

      I know how you feel. I had my little break down one day when I was listening to one of her songs. Even thought I watched the news the on Feb 11th, and her service and all the reports after that, it wasn’t until the other day that it just hit me that she was really gone. I didn’t know her personally, but death just has a way of making you stop and think. What I find to be really wonderful in this is how the family ISN’T bashing Bobby Brown. I know there are people who wanted to find a way to blame him, but the family isn’t and I’m happy about that. I’m sure he is just as heartbroken as everyone else.

  • BrittBrattisLivingforTheTruth

    Thanks MO..wanted to see this interview.

    • BrittBrattisLivingforTheTruth

      So Pat in so many words confirmed that Ray-J and Whitney were indeed dating each other. And from this it appears she was falling for him more than he for her.

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