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Michigan Teacher Fired After Allowing Students To Form A Trayvon Martin Fundraiser At School

Posted by Media Outrage on April 11th, 2012

Michigan elementary teacher Brooke Harris says she was fired for organizing a Trayvon Martin rally among students who had an interest in supporting the Martin family…

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A middle school teacher says she lost her job at a Pontiac, Mich. charter school because she helped students organize a fundraiser for the family of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

The firing of Brooke Harris, an English and journalism teacher at Pontiac Academy for Excellence Middle School garnered national attention.

On Monday, the Mississippi-based advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center demanded her reinstatement. The organization has also started a petition that has more than 8,000 signatures so far.

According the the Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance blog:

Brooke’s students identify with Trayvon Martin. Many of them are African American. Many have been stopped by police who thought they looked suspicious.

In fact, her students engaged so deeply with the issue that they asked to take it beyond essays and class discussions—they wanted to take action to help Trayvon’s family.

The fundraiser was proposed for March 28. Students were to don hoodies, which was what Martin was wearing when he was killed. Once a month, the school allows students to  pay $1 to wear street clothes instead of their uniform. According to local news reports, the students participating would each donate their $1 fee to the Martin family.

Harris said while the school’s principal signed off on the fundraiser, Superintendent Jacqueline Cassell said no because of the manner in which they would be wearing the hoods – over their heads. Harris asked Cassell to meet with the students so they could present their case, but Harris was suspended for two days.

“I was told I was a bad teacher, that I was being unprofessional, that I’m being paid to teach, not to be an activist. When I tried to defend myself, it was construed as insubordination,” Harris told the Detroit Free Press.

Harris then returned to school while suspended to drop off prizes for a literacy fair. Harris met with Cassell again and was given a two-week suspension.

“I asked her if she could please tell me what I did wrong to come to the first meeting,” Harris said in a report by The Detroit News. “After I asked that question twice, she never gave me an answer — then she fired me.”

Cassell said she is a “child of the civil rights movement” and has supported the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center in the past but said “this is not the time in the school year” for efforts that distract from academics, she told The Detroit News.

Cassell claims the protest was not the reason Harris was fired. Harris says she wants her job back, but is unsure if that is possible.


Mediaoutrage- That is a crying shame. We see folk in this country are just acting up and becoming more emboldened with racist motives. Well that only means we must take an even stronger STAND against injustice. You can CLICK HERE to sign a petition demanding that Brooke Harris be given her job back. 








  • LowRidaz

    its really a shame we have sign a petition to raise money for this kids family, but they raised millions for that cop who was killed in cold blood, martin also was killed in cold blood the way i see it. damn shame.

    • Mike

      Dont be a media slave no one knows what happened and before he even got a chance to make a chase the media labeled him guilty just like you have. You dont deserve to live in this country honestly if you cant uphold its values the kid probably was asking for it in many ways its like walking around a airport looking sketching with a suspicious package sure your not a terrorist or doing anything wrong but your stupid if you think your not going to be approached with suspicion. I dont creep the ghetto late at night because i could get shot and if i did would i blame the person who shot me no i would blame myself for being stupid enough to place myself in that situation

      • Teena

        Whoa there Mike…
        What the F are you talking about…
        1. Trayvon was walking back to his father’s fiance’s home, from the store…
        2. Zimmerman spots him and follows him immediately,
        3. Zimmerman calls the police to report him
        4. Police tell Zimmerman… “We do not need you to follow him”
        5. Zimmerman is heard by the only person who can testify as to what happened (Trayvon’s girlfriend who was on the phone with him at the time), confronting this young man,
        6. Zimmerman kills this young man..

        So now that we have recapped.. What was Trayvon asking for?????

        See people like you think that people are asking for trouble when they are minding their business… So I ask you this.. If they ever find Zimmerman( MOFO is on the RUN), and he walks a free man and someone decides to put a hot one in his ass, then did Zimmerman ask for it??????

        Cut the Bullshit!!!! Your a Racist homie… Stop playin with me.. That bullshit you wrote is just that..

        Oh yeah.. sidebar.. HE WASN’T IN THE GHETTO!!!! HE WAS IN A GATED COMMUNITY… FOOL….

        • Letticia

          Thank you teena!!!

          Mike get the F**k outta here with that racist bull shit!

          You sound stupid as shyte. Trayvon wasn’t walking around the ghetto he was in a gated community that he lived in! And even if he was walking around the hood with a hoodie on and looking suspicious that’s not cause for him to be murdered you stupid piece of shit! This is America for gods sake and it’s like saying a woman that has on a mini skirt in a club at night deserves to be RAPED. Fuck outta here!

        • LowRidaz

          oh my god, I tip my hat to you teena, i couldnt of said it better, thanks for setting that obviously stupid and blind fool straight, he has no fucking idea or clue i see. unbelievable the shit some people say or think.

          and also we cant forget how the person who called 911 on seeing this man stand over this kid and shoot him in the back, and we can all clearly hear this kid screaming help, help.

        • LowRidaz

          that fucker up there responding to my comment just wanted some attention.. Mike go fuck yourself and suck on your words, Idiot

      • Chynaman

        Damn i wanted to get a couple jabs in on Mike but looks like im late to the party, Yall scraped the meat off this dumb mofo. Well said ladies i agree with you all 100%. Maybe if a young family member of Mike’s suffered the same fate as young Mr. Martin ol Mike might change his stupid ass opinion

  • TIDub

    whooo00oooo000!! #TeamTeena n lowridaz u ryt.. he jus needed a lil attention.. smh