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Young Dro Gets $130,000 Maserati Repo’d

Posted by Media Outrage on June 5th, 2012

Young Dro is the latest artists to experience “They Gone Take My Shyte!!!”…well they already took his shyte. SMH.

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Young Dro once rapped that he’s “the kinda person that gonna drive a Maserati” — but that just ain’t true anymore … because he just had his repossessed … TMZ has learned.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Dro leased a $134,000, 2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT in January 2008. The docs say Dro agreed to fork over a $7,500 down payment and then pay monthly payments of $1,606.62.

But according to the lawsuit, Dro defaulted on the lease and now owes the leasing company $61,220.37. The company has repo’d the Maserati.

The leasing company wants the money it is owed, plus attorneys’ fees.

Mediaoutrage- SMH…nothing like living above your means!



  • LowRidaz

    Mediaoutrage- SMH…nothing like living above your means!

    I agree, i swear i cannot stand anyone that lives above their means, tryin to be more than what the fuck they really are, he must of thought his rapping would last forever or make big dollars forever, if that! shit some folks make one hit and fall off, so to run out and purchase or lease some shit you really dont know if you gonna be able to afford, is really stupid thinking and shows you aint use to having shit.

    • LowRidaz

      fucking disgust me, i dont feel sorry for that dumb bitch, 130,000 dollar car, u silly bitch! i would of purchased a damn ford taurus the new ones, fuck that, lol

      • Media Outrage


      • BrittBrattAlwayshasroomForGrowth

        Lol@ LowRidaz

  • @Atlantaaaaa on Twitter

    He shouldn’t have had a Masarati anyway. That nicca aint selling no records, or no dope! NEXT…

    • Media Outrage


  • BrittBrattAlwayshasroomForGrowth

    $1,606.62. Dang, that’s a mortgage.

  • Bebe Ehrismann

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