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Halle Berry Spotted Taking Nahla To School

Posted by Media Outrage on November 29th, 2012

Halle Berry was spotted taking Nahla to school post Thanksgiving Day brawl which saw Olivier Martinez give Gabriel Aubry the Warren Buffet business package!

Halle just looks like she knows she’s the bad guy in the eyes of the media. Poor Halle.

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  • LowRidaz

    Trust and believe all halle has is a pretty face, but she got drama within her, i can see it all on her. supposedly now her and her ex have apologized to each other and working out differences, see they all crazy as hell and need to stop it all together, but on another note, something about that woman and them catty ass eyes, spells silent storm, a pretty face is all she got. and drama is not worth that shit.

  • LowRidaz

    but i will say she takes care of her daughter, you dont see no nannies toting that girl around, she do her all alone. i respect that for one.