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Gabby Douglas Hits Up “Good Morning America”

Posted by Media Outrage on December 5th, 2012

Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabrielle Douglas hit up “Good Morning America” with a new book. Show her some support y’all. She’s such a cute young lady.

More Gabby Douglas on the way




  • LowRidaz

    she is very adorable, keep achieving lil girl! love to see em young and doing something really awesome besides laying up with dudes and having babies at young age, just doing nothing with themselves, and my god trust me i got some in my own family that aint worth a damn to be young! that is why i say i praise this lil girl.. god bless her.

  • hollister badehose

    2) I was so adamant about making sure my kids were potty trained by age 2 nearly there. I type this as my 3 year old walks around in his diaper. Turns out he is adamant about staying as far away from the potty as possible!

  • szrhqhnvct

    Gabby Douglas Hits Up “Good Morning America” « Media Outrage

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