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Meek Mill & Desean Jackson Bet $10,000 On Rap Battle!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on December 21st, 2012

Meek Mill money1

Must be nice to be able to throw around large amounts of money on a rap battle!!!

Watch Meek Mill and Desean Jackson both put up 10 stacks on their rap artists during a battle in Philly the other day

  • Sowmbi

    I love rap…this was dope….just that Desean Jackson needs a strong team round his artist..not his “2 many knocks to the head” ass boppin to everything the yung dude spitting. But the kid got that hook what what, this was like P. Diddy vs Jigga type battle, we all know who the winner wud be…Hov.

    Meek Mill’s cat was real from the jhump, nadda fake hella on point and the crosshares were always alligned, cut machete clean and real as fuq. Meek mentored as well as advised the yung up n coming protege with whats needed to be heard and by the 5th round? ahh shhit, dude was light-seconds ahead of the “competition”.

    $10 000!!! aka R80 000!!!

    I’d definitely do what I needed 2 with ‘em Randela-Nelson-Dibaz right therr!!!