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Katt Williams And Suge Knight Involved In Brawl Outside Hollywood Club

Posted by Media Outrage on December 31st, 2012

Katt Williams a2b

….And the unraveling continues

  • Michaelodo

    Kat williams, my people don’t have a problem with him, but Jamie Fox, they do. When my people have problems, we don’t take it LIGHTLY. Jamie Foxx doesn’t have proper credentials to fade my people. He is not likeable, according to thugs, intelligent folk, and niggas like me. He should understand that some niggas don’t care cause he calls himself anti caucasion or gets high —wrong is wrong and right is right. Jamie Fox is hater from way back, and from speculation, he hasn’t changed. Quentin Tarrentino needs to step back and remain in place. Don’t like it? My knowledge vs their knowledge. if it’s bet, put it out and get faded. Best player takes all. Holla!

    • Uncle Ruckas

      You seem retarded

      • LowRidaz

        hahaha, damn

  • MoneAlicia

    Ok, here goes….

    Thought #1: Well I guess I don’t have to ask who won.
    Thought #2: And no one died? Awww man….
    Thought #3: Man, Kevin Hart has ruined this cat’s life.

    Ok, I’m done.

    • Media Outrage

      LMFAO!!!! @ Kevin Hart has ruined this cat’s life