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Kobe Bryant Says He And Vanessa Have Reconciled And Are Moving On With Their Lives

Posted by Media Outrage on January 14th, 2013


Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the NBA but that didn’t prevent turmoil from finding a home within his marriage due to infidelity.

Kobe and Vanessa have reconciled though and are moving on with their lives….

His words not ours

Kobe facebook


We’re happy for them! Family is everything!







  • JN

    Cool, but who’s that in the pink behind Kobe’s left shoulder?

    • Media Outrage

      LOL! @ JN you have some good eyes for detail man.

  • Cut Up

    That’s Sinnamon Love….D Fisher wife. She’s not Sinnamon Love but she looks just like her. Anyhow, good for Kobe and lil mama. She wasn’t going no damn where anyway. Guess he can keep his 150M’s now.

    • Media Outrage

      LOL! @ Sinnamon Love!

  • BrittBrattWeAllwillSeeChangeIn2012

    Kobe wife looks gutted in the face. And is she wearing open-toed shoes with corns?! Get it together Vanessa, and cover up because those breasts looks like old chicken cutlets.

    • BrittBrattWeAllwillSeeChangeIn2012

      *look like