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Are You Feelin’ Kanye’s Get-Up???

Posted by Media Outrage on January 24th, 2013

Kanye mask

Kanye West was seen sportin’ a red mask en-route to the Martin Margiela fashion show in Paris last night. Kanye is known to be a bit eccentric in his attire.

MO readers are you feelin’ his masked get-up???

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Kanye mask2

Kanye mask5

Kanye mask1

Kanye mask7

Kanye mask4




  • Blue Funk

    This dude got too much money to be walking around looking like a broke want to be super hero!!!! #lameforreal

    • Trish


  • Chynaman

    Shit if Kris Humphries was about to be my baby daddy I would walk around in a fucking mask too.

    • LowRidaz


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