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Rihanna Gets Kissy Face With Fan In NYC

Posted by Media Outrage on April 30th, 2013


Rihanna got all kissy face with a fan in NYC last night while out partying. We know Chris Brown is probably thinking “that’s that sh!t I don’t Like!” Wow they are extremely close.

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  • LowRidaz

    she prolly gave him some pussy, cause DAMN HE FINE!! oooh he is what i call dangerous, dam he fine i cannot stop saying that, fuck CHRIS BROWN, that bitch will just have to go off, cause i will be in a pretzel that night with him< LOLOL damn he fine! i know he got lil chicks fighting over him. i will cut a bitch straight over that!!!! LOL im kidding but he fine as fuck!!

    • JN

      Your husband/man has to sleep with one eye open, doesn’t he? Lol! Love your fire. ;)

  • Cut Up

    Fan? lol @ yall for not knowing who this dude is. He ain’t no fan

  • michael kors factory

    Better late than never.