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Photos Reveal The Damage Done By Chad Johnson’s Head Butt To Evelyn Lozada

Posted by Media Outrage on June 18th, 2013


Chad Johnson knows he was wrong for this!


Chad Johnson headbutted ex-wife Evelyn Lozada so hard during their infamous domestic dispute last year, she was left with a massive bloody gash on her forehead — and TMZ has obtained photographic evidence.

The photos were taken by Davie Police in the Florida emergency room where Evelyn was transported following Chad’s attack on August 11th, 2012. According to police, the forehead laceration measured 3 inches.

Evelyn pic

TMZ broke the story … Johnson was arrested for domestic violence shortly after the explosive argument at his Jupiter, FL mansion. Evelyn filed for divorce three days later.

Following the arrest, Chad pled “no contest” to the domestic violence charge and was sentenced to 12 months probation and domestic violence classes.

Chad was thrown back in the slammer last week after slapping his lawyer’s backside during a sentencing hearing.

He was released again yesterday following a probation violation sentencing hearing. During the hearing, the judge called the head gash photos “horrific.”

Evelyn pic1

Evelyn pic2

Evelyn pic3







  • Jayne’

    So after some have said the Judge who sentenced him to a month in jail for slapping his Lawyer was too harsh, these pictures are released? Why weren’t they released when this first happened, or when she tried to redeem herself on that Oprah Network special? Are they being shown now to take the heat off of the judge for her decision, or is it time for Basketball Wives to come on?

  • LowRidaz

    damn that gash is awful, i dont blame her for divorcing his ass, my brothers would hang his ass upside down over fire if a nigga did that shit to me!!!

    • Jayne’

      She was stupid for marrying him in the first place, not to mention boinking him on their first night together. That marriage was doomed from the start. How can you knowingly marry someone that you know is screwing other people and be cool with it as long as they tell you they’re doing it? I’m sure he wishes he had just gotten out of that car and walked away that night. If he had just left her there and went on about his business, that would have hurt her more than that big gash in her head. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone his actions, but I don’t condone women hitting on men and expecting them not to do anything because they shouldn’t hit a woman. Keep your hands to yourself!

      • LowRidaz

        I agree with you, she had no business marrying him, she didnt know a dam thing about that dude, nor he about her, if you ask me, they based it all on sex and looks, and becuase he was a football player or whatever he was.. and it was all stupid reasons to marry, you cannot marry anyone and not know who your marrying, as far as her hitting him first, i dont know nothing about that, maybe she did or didnt, and i agree, you certainly dont put your hands on anyone, and not expect consequences, because not every man is a REAL MAN, and will walk away, regardless of what that woman do, a real man walks, because in the end its better to walk with freedom, then to be locked up over an accident of killing someone. so the fault is on both. the biggest problem today is no one has patience to take the time out and get to know each other fully before making grand decisions regarding the future, you dont just up and sleep with anyone on first night, although it happens and sometimes chemistry is strong, but still you have to learn to hold out and wait, and see who this person really is. and people dont have that patience no more, that is why they keep hitting brick walls!
        haste always makes waste!!

        • Jayne’

          Exactly!! They rushed into it and it was over just as fast. I’m sure there were signs that were ignored, but folks tend to do that when they want what they want. I can’t say she hit him first or at all. She’s mouth almighty on that show and always ready to fight somebody. I just can’t imagine her sitting quiet and still waiting for him to head-butt her.

          I’m the baby too, and the only girl. I’m almost 50 and my brothers are still over protective.

  • LowRidaz

    oh and yet and still, my brothers still would hang his black ass over a fire upside down, if they saw my damn head busted open like that, right or wrong, i am their baby sister, my brothers are like rottweilers over me, and pits. LOL

  • Yvonne

    Chad was dead wrong for busting her upside her forehead like that even if she brought it upon herself, which I think she did. Probably all up in his face talking smack, his hands couldn’t reach her so he head butted her instead. Not condoning what he did but some women forget they are not a man and when they get treated like one for acting like one they can’t understand why.

    The way this chic was throwing bottles and walking on tables to get to a castmate, Chad should have been the one with the busted forehead.

    • LowRidaz

      you aint lying, i thought home girl had fire in her, from her temper, but i guess she is just no match for a man, and a head butt can make anyone fall back.

  • BrittBrattIsNotBelievingTheLiesorHype

    Well what do you expect when you marry someone based on their income.

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