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Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins April 3rd

Posted by Media Outrage on 2nd February 2010

After 17 years of ducking, dodging, and postering, Roy Jones Jr. and Bernard Hopkins will finally jump back in the ring for part 2 of their dual.  Roy Jones is over the hill.  Bernard still has something but this fight lost its public interest a while ago, with each passing knock out Roy Jones was dealt. Read the rest of this entry »

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Roy Jones Jr. Gets Rocked In The 1st Round!

Posted by Media Outrage on 2nd December 2009

Roy Jones Jr. has been made to be a complete disgrace in the sport of boxing.  Roy fought Danny Green the other night and got rocked again in the first round.  The fight was called to an end after Roy stopped throwing punches back.  Roy just give it up, your legacy is very tarnished.  Peep the video when you Read the rest of this entry »

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Guess Who Roy Jones Is Fighting Next??

Posted by Media Outrage on 18th November 2009

Roy Jones Jr. once ruled boxing and was considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.  Now?  Not so much.  He had a swift fall from the top.  He’s a long way from the pinacle of the sport he made plenty of money for.  Well he’s not done fighting.  Peep who his next opponent will be in February…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Just In Case You Thought He Fell Off…

Posted by Media Outrage on 8th September 2009


Roy Jones Jr. dominated boxing for more than a decade with his stylish flare for the dramatics.  There hadn’t been a boxer in recent memory besides the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard that could put punch combinations together quicker than Roy Jones.  When had we seen a boxer that could throw qaudruple left hooks faster than straight jabs? 

Roy got knocked out a few years back, by Antonio Tarver and then by Glenn Johnson.  Both losses put a stain on his image but it was his fear of getting hit and lackluster performances that ultimately tarnished his career.  Months ago he was beat by Joe Calghze in a fight which saw Roy bleeding profusely out of his left eye, something fans had never witnessed happen to him.  Roy returned to the ring a few weeks ago against Jeff Lacy and put on quite an impressive performance in which he showcased that tremendous handspeed and quickness that made him a household name.  Peep the videos after the jump….. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tarnishing His Legacy

Posted by Media Outrage on 10th November 2008


Saturday night in New York at Madison Square Garden Joe Calzaghe delivered a spectacular behind whipping to the once great Roy Jones Jr. Jones was overwhelmed by Calzaghe’s speed. For every 1punch Roy threw, Calzaghe countered with about a dozen. We know Roy’s time has been up for quite a while now but it was just ironic to watch a man that once dominated the sport of boxing with his cat-like reflexes and lightning hand speed be conquered by those same qualities. Roy who had never suffered a cut had a gash over the left eye that bled profusely. His trainer, Alton Merkeson seemed to offer absolutely NO advice in between rounds. Roy Jones is now a mere shell of himself at the age of 39. We here at Mediaoutrage were fans in a major way but now hope he sees what the rest of the world does, that it’s past time for him to retire, before he further destroys what’s left of a once untarnished legacy. Damn, why don’t athletes know when to just bow out gracefully?


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Ahmad Rashad and his new Jawn

Posted by Media Outrage on 3rd November 2008

Ahmad Rashad and his new billionaire wife Sale Johnson, took in a New York knicks game on Suday. She’s definitely no Phylicia Rashad in the looks department, but when your account is that husky in economic times like these who cares about looks right? Spike Lee and his son, and Roy Jones Jr. who’s scheduled to fight this upcoming Saturday November 8th, was also at the game.

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Roy Jones Selita Ebanks and Joe Frazier in NY for fight week

Posted by Media Outrage on 15th January 2008

Selita Ebanks and Roy Jones Jr.

Model Selita Ebanks kicked off Fight week in New York with Roy Jones Jr. who is scheduled to fight Tito Trinidad this Saturday at Madison Square Garden on Pay Per View. Great pic of Roy Jones Jr. and boxing great Joe Frazier. We hope all of this time he is spending getting his swerve on with these ring card girls doesn’t assist in him getting put to sleep by Trinidad. It should be a good fight.

Selita EbanksSelita EbanksRoy Jones Jr. and ring girlsRoy Jones Jr. and Joe Frazier

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Roy Jones Jr's worst nightmare

Posted by Media Outrage on 31st December 2007

Antonio Tarver

Former light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver was in Vegas last night also for the opening of Jay-z’s posh 40/40 night club. He is the only boxer that seemed to have Roy Jones’s number in the ring. Now a Roy in his prime we believe would have put a superb ass whooooopin on this smiling cat. Jones will face off against Tito Trinidad January 19th at Madison Square Garden. We hope Roy retires before he gets hurt. Fight or retire.

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Roy Jones Jr. will fight Tito Trinidad!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on 14th October 2007

Roy Jones Jr.Roy Jones Jr. and Tito Trinidad

Ok the stage is now set and the contracts are signed. Roy Jones Jr. and Tito Trinidad will step in the ring and face off on January 19th 2008 at Madison Square Garden. This should be a huge draw despite the fact that Trinidad has not fought since 2005 and Jones stock has plummeted due to the 2 consecutive knock-outs to Antonio Tarver and Glenn Johnson. Jones then lost a 12 round match against tarver again.

Roy’s last fight was to a nobody named Tony Hanshaw whom he went the distance with. This fight will feature speed vs power. Trinidad gained a reputation for being a knock-out puncher. They will fight at the 170 pound weight.

Can Roy redeem himself and work his way back into the sea of relevance to boxing fans???

Read Roy’s interview after his second loss to Tarver back in 2005…


Watch the hype of the fight between Roy and Trinidad!!!

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